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Now that summer’s in full swing, any reason is a good reason to head outdoors. There are more afternoons spent on the patio . . . and more time frolicking in the park. Which is why we suggest taking a quick break under the shade of a tree to enjoy a picnic-style brunch. Here are some must-have ideas to add to your basket.

Sunny fruit

Full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, Quebec strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and haskaps will add colour to your brunch. Rinse them as needed and pack them in pretty jars.

For a fruit salsa, chop some watermelon, mangos, and strawberries into small pieces, drizzle with lime juice, and top with fresh basil (a great way to use up some of that basil plant on your balcony!). Perfect served with mini bagels!

Light and fluffy pastries

Brunch and waffles go hand in hand! And these mini waffles are delicious dipped in a rich and decadent sauce. You can make your sauce by combining maple syrup and evaporated milk, and adding a touch of cornstarch once it boils to thicken it. It’s also yummy with fruit skewers. Anyone with a sweet tooth will be thrilled!

You could also pack some muffins, orange and poppy seed bread, or for simplicity’s sake, a box of croissants, which everyone can slather with their favourite jam.

For a more savoury option, this caramelized onion tarte Tatin is both yummy AND sneaky (it looks just like a dessert, but is actually a savoury pie!).

Fresh and hearty granola, oatmeal, and pudding

Grab your small Mason jars and fill them with the ingredients of your choice to prepare satiating granola with vanilla Greek yogurt, granola cereal, and fruit! For even more fun, decorate with applesauce, nuts, dark chocolate chips, or other tasty toppings.

Same principle for overnight oats, made with quick-cooking oats (but which you don’t need to cook). Just combine your oats, favourite plant-based beverage, and a little honey or maple syrup. Leave in the fridge overnight, then top with whatever you want before heading out the door!

Finally, you should definitely try this chia lime pudding made with coconut milk and silken tofu. Both tart and sweet, and 100% refreshing. Yum!

A different take on protein

Devilled eggs are perfect for brunch-nic. Simply stuff hard-boiled eggs with a mixture of egg yolk, mayonnaise (plant-based if you prefer), fresh chives, and paprika. Top with sprouts or thinly sliced radish before serving.

Aperitif jars are sure to please all the meat lovers in your group. Simply assemble them using a selection of deli meat, cheese cubes, dried fruit, and a sprig of rosemary or thyme.

Otherwise, a warm vegan omelette cut into slices is delicious and requires no cutlery.

Beverages for every occasion

The kids can have juice and shakes, while the adults indulge in . . . mimosas! And sweetened homemade iced coffee and tea is sure to give you that jolt of energy to power through the rest of the day!