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2024-05-16 00:12:47
Family life

Spring cleaning challenge: a sparkling home in just 15 minutes a day

It's a well-known fact that spring is the time of year when we clean the house in order to create a fresh and healthy environment for the summer. Faced with th...
2023-11-03 01:09:38
Receptions and celebrations

Festive tips for inclusive festivities

The Halloween decorations have just come down… Time to start planning for the holidays! Who is receiving who? When? Are we doing dinner or brunch? And are the...
2023-04-20 02:00:02
Rachelle's favourites

Viita underwear: elegant, effective, and ecological!

By: Maude Carmel Intro: Have you heard of Viita underwear? They’re cute, minimalist, and ecological . . . and pee- and period-proof! There are various m...
2023-03-31 00:33:49
Rachelle's tips and favourites

An Easter table for all tastes!

Easter is a time to gather family and friends around a table fit for all tastes (and diets!). Gone are the days of huge cuts of meat—we suggest filling your t...
2023-02-15 01:56:52
Rachelle and the little ones

5 habits to keep your little ones healthy this winter

Want nothing but the best for your children? Want to keep the whole family safe from viruses and colds? Here’s a list of habits you can adopt to ensure your l...
2023-02-03 04:02:51
Rachelle's tips and favourites

A Valentine’s Day between friends

Valentine's Day, though dismissed by many for being overly commercial, remains a holiday widely celebrated by couples everywhere. And there's nothing wrong with...
2022-12-19 23:33:13
Rachelle's tips and favourites

Vegetarian recipes for a festive brunch!

Having your friends and family over for a festive brunch and need some inspiration? Whether you’re more the sweet or savoury type, here are some of my favouri...
2022-12-11 23:38:02
Gourmet and healthy ideas

3 hot sauces to elevate your desserts

Sauces help elevate the flavours of any dish, all while making them creamy and smooth. Hot sauces for desserts are no exception: they’re delicious drizzled on...
2022-12-05 00:12:12
Rachelle's tips and favourites

Gift ideas for your favourite gluttons

For your family Christmas gathering, a gift exchange among friends, or to thank your host for their hospitality, we have gifts that are sure to be a feast for t...
2022-12-04 23:50:00
Rachelle's tips and favourites

No-waste ornaments to make together as a family

This year, never mind the ornaments and garlands that travelled thousands of miles to land on store shelves. You don’t need to buy anything for your Christmas...
2022-11-21 23:18:12
Family life

Tasty treats for your furry friend!

If you enjoy making tasty treats for your loved ones, it’s only natural that you like to do the same for your four-legged friend. After all, they’re members...
2022-11-03 02:13:07
Rachelle's favourites

5 must-have Compliments Organic products with endless possibilities

We all love a good deal, especially in the current economic situation. Our Compliments Organic line offers a wide variety of quality and affordable products. He...