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2022-08-08 02:59:53

5 foods to regrow in your garden

What if I told you that you can regrow dozens of store-bought fruits and vegetables in your garden to enjoy again and again? All you need to give these plants a...
2022-08-08 02:49:34
Family life

4 well-being tips for the long weekend

Why not take advantage of the long weekend to retreat for a bit, relax and do some activities that’ll put a smile on your face and improve your quality of lif...
2022-08-08 02:27:40
Meal prep

5 fair trade certified foods to add to your shopping cart

The month of May is dedicated to celebrating all things fair trade. To mark the occasion, here are the five fair trade certified foods I add to my shopping cart...
2022-08-08 02:12:12
Family life

The pleasure of a gourmet gift

With a gourmet gift, you are not only offering a delightful treat, but a little something of yourself as well. The person on the receiving end will know that yo...
2022-08-08 01:55:42

Mito Sushi: fresh and tasty products to go!

Want to enjoy a sushi party in the comfort of your home? Mito Sushi offers top-quality dishes prepared by professional chefs highly skilled in the Japanese trad...
2022-08-08 01:45:02
Rachelle's tips and favourites

Natural products delivered right to your doorstep

Stay home without ever running out of supplements or natural care products. In this period of continued caution, we deliver your purchases straight to your door...
2022-08-08 01:38:51
Family life

Learning How to Slow Down and Take Your Time

The year has only just begun, and you’re already back to the daily grind of work, family and fast-paced projects, despite the lofty resolutions you made. Reme...
2022-08-08 01:09:49
Family life

Three ideal places for outdoor workouts, and the perfect snacks to bring

The temperature is lower, the air is less heavy and the sun is still shining. It’s the perfect season to train outside! How? Here are a few ideas that will ma...
2022-08-08 01:00:30


Once upon a time, we thought avocados were only for guacamole. That time is finally over. Now we add avocado to our breakfasts, smoothies and even desserts. Let...
2022-08-01 05:46:41

A veggie buffet that’ll impress your guests (+10 people)!

As a vegan and someone whose family does not eat a lot of meat, I quickly got into the habit of preparing vegetarian dishes that can feed a crowd. We all love t...
2022-07-20 02:38:07

Fruits and veggies galore

All summer long, local producers offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables . . . and what a treat to fill our plates with them! One of the best ways to full...
2022-07-15 04:59:35


When you live in the city, you don’t always have room at home to host a barbecue. But don’t let that stop you! A number of parks in the metropolitan region...