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2022-06-08 00:31:00
Enhance your barbecues

Father’s Day: tips for throwing the hottest BBQ of the summer!

Some traditions stand the test of time—like the proverbial Father Day’s BBQ! To celebrate the occasion, why not spice things up . . . literally! Discover BB...
2022-06-08 00:15:39
Enhance your happy hour

Poptails for your summer happy hour

Frozen treats are summer staples. To cool off during cocktail hour and get off the beaten path, why not give poptails a go? Follow our small guide to making the...
2022-05-30 02:53:58

Picnicking on the go during a long hike

Summertime is synonymous with long walks and leisurely hikes. For a successful activity, it’s important to plan what foods and drinks to pack. That’s why an...
2022-05-30 02:29:29

A picnic to give food a second chance

I love eating outdoors; it’s so satisfying. I feel like everything tastes better, especially food grown and/or made locally! What can I say? It makes me feel...
2022-05-11 02:09:20

Our tips for taking care of your skin this summer

During the winter, your skin has to put up with sub-zero temperatures, while in the summer, it’s up against the sun or sea water. That’s why it’s importan...
2022-05-11 01:27:41

Gourmet trend: the Bao

Among all the great to-go options out there, the Bao—a small, round, brioche-style sandwich that is steamed and stuffed with meat and veggies—is definitely...
2022-04-28 00:34:01

BBQ: a mini guide to the essentials

In collaboration with BBQ Québec While some people grill all year long, the BBQ is primarily used during the summer months. To inspire you and start off the se...
2022-04-28 00:19:59

Gourmet day in honour of mom

Why not break from tradition this year? Swap the classic Mother’s Day brunch and flowers for a very special day in her honour. On the menu: original activitie...
2022-04-14 09:20:05

5 tips to get your skin sun-ready

After several months spent enduring the cold weather and gloomy days, it’s only natural to want to make the most of the sunny spring days ahead. But before se...
2022-04-14 09:16:32

Pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and supper!

A weekend brunch staple, pancakes are also delicious in their savoury form, for a quick lunch or a laidback evening. A great tip: prepare a large batch of panca...
2022-04-14 09:10:25

Vegan chocolate donuts, your new favourite air fryer Easter recipe

From entrées to sides, appetizers, desserts, and snacks, you can enjoy fried food without the oil thanks to the air fryer. It’s been all the rage lately and...
2022-03-29 02:28:44

How to plan a spring picnic

Spring has finally sprung! Now’s the perfect occasion to soak up the sun and enjoy a rustic (and nutritious!) picnic. All you need is your picnic basket and a...