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22 Sep, 2021

Greek Salad

By Bravo Maude Preparation time: 15 minutes Portions: 2 Ingredients: Salad 100 to 200 grams of mixed salad per person 1 greenhouse tomato, cubed A few cher...
22 Sep, 2021

Why not cook your Halloween pumpkin?

We all try so hard to reduce our food waste, so why do most of us end up tossing our pumpkins the day after Halloween or leaving them on our balconies for the...
22 Sep, 2021
Food and cooking

Nutritional yeast: golden flakes of goodness

Without this magic powder, vegan dishes just wouldn’t be the same. This seasoning is a must in numerous recipes. Nutritional yeast has a surprisingly nutty f...
03 Sep, 2021

Reducing food waste is possible!

It’s all About the Three Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle) The buzz about food waste and the importance of saving our planet has been on the radar for a while now. Ba...
18 Aug, 2021

Twice baked taco taters with taco stuff’er

The Very Good Butchers We know that tacos are a staple and you could eat them night, after night, after night, after night... why not try this twist? Shake up...
06 Aug, 2021

Blueberries: berry delicious

Quebecers take pride in their locally grown blueberries: discover their benefits and how to freeze or dry them to ensure you have some on hand all year long. Bl...
06 Aug, 2021

Raise your glass with drinks, beers and wines of Quebec!

With the wide range of Quebec drinks with or without alcohol available everywhere, it’s easier than ever to drink local! Here are our suggestions and our favo...
04 Aug, 2021

The Robin Hood of organic

BY Émélie BernierMagazine Growers Robin Fortin’s improbable farming adventure began as an experiment, “just to see,” on one-and-a-quarter acres of lan...
23 Jul, 2021

Innovative ideas for a creative picnic!

With the return of the warm weather, we all want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting our daily dose of vitamin D! To brea...
13 Jul, 2021

Marinated tuna, cucumber & strawberry chirashi bowl

A chirashi bowl is kind of like sushi, but deconstructed. It’s simple, elegant, and delicious. Because many tuna species are endangered and certain regions su...
13 Jul, 2021

How to eat with the Ecosystem

Supply and demand are the basis of our market driven economy. As consumers, we dictate our preferences through our purchasing habits, which signals...
28 Jun, 2021

Marinades: the best way to add flavour

By BBQ Québec When it comes to cooking delicious meals on the BBQ, some people hesitate between using a dry and liquid marinade. To make the right decision, i...