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11 Jan, 2022

Intuitive eating: listening to your cravings

Dieting culture has left many people somewhat perplexed. Between detox diets and other food restrictions, it can be hard to learn what’s normal for you. Might...
05 Jan, 2022

5 ways to de-stress after the holidays

By Audrey Sckoropad. Here are a few ways to decompress and ease into the new year.
16 Dec, 2021

Easy Festive Cookies

By Audrey Sckoropad When I was younger, my mom used to let us have holiday lunches with our friends at home. The idea was for everyone to bring a dozen homemad...
16 Dec, 2021

Never run out of energy again during your workout!

By Annie Ferland from Science & Fourchette Spring is just around the corner, which means we’re all itching to get outside and get back into training. Ther...
16 Dec, 2021

5 habits to reduce food waste

By Vicky Payeur In 2015, I became aware of the consequences of my lifestyle and overhauled my daily habits, going from overconsumption to minimalism. Back then...
16 Dec, 2021

It’s time to start preparing for the holidays!

The countdown has begun and the holiday season is fast approaching. To ensure you don’t run out of steam before December 25, here are a few tips on how to get...
16 Dec, 2021

Seasonal supplements

By Audrey Sckoropad Winter is upon us. Cold weather is just around the corner, which means it’s time to rely on the pillars of health to get through winter. A...
16 Dec, 2021

No more plastic bags!

One small step for Rachelle Béry, one giant leap for practical environmental awareness! In an endeavour to create a fruit and vegetable shopping experience tha...
16 Dec, 2021

Managing stress with aromatherapy and supplements

By Audrey Sckoropad Stress is a body’s adaptive biological response as it attempts to maintain a state of internal balance, or homeostasis. This response help...
09 Dec, 2021

Vegetarian food ideas for your holiday dinner parties!

By Maude Carmel The holidays are the perfect time of year for family gatherings and dinner with friends! While Christmas Eve and Christmas Day lunches and dinn...
07 Dec, 2021

Essentials for Christmas with baby

By Maude Carmel Baby’s first Christmas is a magical milestone for new parents, as well as for the entire family, who looks forward to welcoming the new bundle...
25 Nov, 2021

What should you give your host during holiday season?

By Audrey Sckoropad It’s the holidays and you’ve been invited to many dinner parties... lucky you! But the question you may be asking yourself now is, what...