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2022-09-15 07:52:21
Food allergies

Back to school, back to lunches, and back to snacks

This article is courtesy of Allergies Québec Each year, the back-to-school season has parents racking their brains. It’s time to rearrange the schedule, plan...
2022-09-08 04:56:44
Gourmet and healthy ideas

The ABCs of chutney: the veggie jelly to (re)discover

Harvesting season is upon us and it’s time to take advantage of the abundance of local products. Many people use their fresh produce to make sweet jam . . . b...
2022-09-08 02:46:56

Vegetarian street food

Vegetarian meals inspired by street food that are sure to please everyone? Yes, please! Vegetarian certainly doesn’t mean boring and tasteless—on the contra...
2022-08-22 01:31:39
Meal prep

Cooking hacks for a seamless back-to-school season

Now that back-to-school season is here, weeknight meals can sometimes feel like an obstacle course! However, all you need is a bit of organization (and creativi...
2022-08-22 01:04:39
Health and wellbeing

The nap: a health break of 1,001 virtues

Most of us can say that we’ve all felt the urge to take a nap after lunch. However, few actually give in to a siesta, even when tired. But the experts categor...
2022-08-18 00:33:47
Health and wellbeing

After the sun, skincare is a must!

Is your skin starting to show signs of dryness or irritation? After spending lots of time in the sun, it’s very possible–if not probable–that your skin is...
2022-08-18 00:25:35
Meal prep

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”

Who hasn’t heard the (almost!) famous expression: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? As a nutritionist-dietician, we repeat it often, but...
2022-08-11 03:23:54

Reusable containers

Our customers are increasingly looking to incorporate eco-friendly initiatives into their everyday lives. This program lets customers use their own reusable con...
2022-08-08 03:30:30
Health and wellbeing

Five gift ideas they really need!

Admit it: for most of us, Valentine’s Day can mean impulsive, last-minute gifts. It’s time to turn a new leaf! This year, take the time to give your special...
2022-08-08 02:59:53

5 foods to regrow in your garden

What if I told you that you can regrow dozens of store-bought fruits and vegetables in your garden to enjoy again and again? All you need to give these plants a...
2022-08-08 02:49:34
Family life

4 well-being tips for the long weekend

Why not take advantage of the long weekend to retreat for a bit, relax and do some activities that’ll put a smile on your face and improve your quality of lif...
2022-08-08 02:40:51


What is fair trade? Fair trade is a trading partnership that is based on respect, dialogue and transparency and seeks greater equity in international trade. Fai...