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SETA’s mission is to share the benefits of superfoods with latte and smoothie blends.

SETA Organic was founded on a love of quality nutrition, a desire for more ethical food sources, and a commitment to helping people achieve wellness by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Following a health problem, Isabelle decided to make some changes to her diet and lifestyle. Once her husband Nicolas introduced her to foods with high nutritional content (superfoods), she began to see a huge improvement in her daily life. This experience reinforced their passion for healthy eating and motivated them to create SETA Organic.

Company values:

These four values constitute the core essence of SETA Organic. They represent the company’s culture, beliefs and motives.

S – Sustainable sourcing: promoting responsible agriculture

E – Environment: giving back by getting involved in causes they care about

T – Transparency: promoting the source of ingredients

A – Authenticity: sharing their knowledge of plant-based food

SETA product range:

  • Lattes and smoothies

SETA products are:

  • Nutritious blends made from superfoods
  • Easy to prepare—just add your favourite plant-based beverage
  • Vegan, gluten-free, with no sweeteners
  • Ethically and responsibly farmed
  • Made in Quebec
La banane fait le poids!

SETA Organic: lattes and smoothies that are as excellent as they are versatile

A Quebec-based company, SETA Organic offers simple ways to integrate superfoods into our daily lives, including a wide selection of smoothie and latte mixes that are tasty and energizing.