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Health experts have recognized and shared the benefits of green tea for some years now. But how does it act on your body and mind? Camellia Sinensis Tea House reveals to us the many virtues of this tea. Green teas come primarily from China and Japan and have always been a favourite among Asians. The tea became popular in the West after recent studies showed it contains a higher amount of polyphenols than any other family of tea. With its antioxidant properties, green tea can prevent some forms of cancer.  It is also known to enhance focus, containing more iron, vitamins and catechins than black tea. Camellia Sinensis offers a wide selection of Chinese or Japanese green teas with different virtues and tastes. Here’s a look at their most popular:

Genmaicha Organic

This classic combination of Bancha green tea with flavourful grilled and puffed rice offers a gentle balance between the leafy smoothness of Japanese teas and the natural sweetness of rice.

Gyokuro Shizuoka Organic

This delicate green tea is sweet, full, and imbued with intense hints of green vegetable (spinach) and berries. A mellow and textured tea for traditional style enthusiasts.

Long Jing Zhejiang Organic

A great Chinese classic made with whole leaves of a vibrant jade colour. A clear, intense, and flavourful green tea with elegant floral and leafy notes structured around a bold hint of fresh hazelnut.

Sencha Nagashima Organic

This Sencha’s dark glossy leaves infuse into a light, slightly foggy yellow tea. Full and sweet, it has both leafy green (vegetable) and fruity (zesty) notes. Hints of roasted cereal develop into an elegant floral finish. Enjoy! Camellia Sinensis Tea House