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Sustainable development:
every little gesture counts

Daily well-being also involves keeping our planet healthy and reducing our ecological footprint.
At Rachelle Béry, we are focusing more than ever on sustainable development.

Bulk soap

Discover a wide variety of bulk soaps at Rachelle Béry! They are all eco-friendly, biodegradable in under 28 days, made in Quebec and not tested on animals.

How does it work?

Buy one container the first time and reuse it afterwards. We have everything you need, including laundry detergent, shampoo, window cleaner and much more. Bulk stations are available throughout the year in many Espace santé sections in IGA supermarkets and in health food stores. Topping up the eco-friendly way has never been easier!

No more plastic bags!

One small step for Rachelle Béry, one giant leap for practical environmental awareness! In an effort to create a fruit and vegetable shopping experience that aligns with our values, we decided to remove plastic bags for produce from our stores. Say goodbye to plastic bags.

Enjoy sorting your products and having the option of storing them together in a handy bag? Rachelle Béry’s reusable mesh bags are just what you’re after.
They are made using a material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. The mesh is narrow enough to also use them for bulk items, provided they are not in powder form. Plus, they are safe for the washing machine and dishwasher and dry in just a few minutes! Handy, don’t you think? They’re so much more versatile than those small plastic bags that we’ve been using for years!

  • - rPET, the material used to make our mesh bags, has a carbon footprint that is 50% smaller than organic cotton and 75% smaller than polyester.
  • - rPET production also uses 86% less water and 70% less energy than polyester production.
  • - Producing 1 kg of rPET recycles 60 water bottles, which would otherwise be discarded.

Reusable containers

Our customers are increasingly looking to incorporate eco-friendly initiatives into their everyday lives. This program lets customers use their own reusable containers.

Minimum standards for using your own reusable containers.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to refuse to use your container if it does not meet minimum food safety requirements.

We will be happy to serve you using your container, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that:

- Your container is clean and free of cracks, stains, impurities and rust, and is designed for storing food
- Your container is made from an easy-to-clean material such as plastic, glass or metal. Washable cloth or mesh bags are acceptable for dry foods and produce.
- Your container has a lid or closing mechanism. Depending on the nature of the product, it may also need to be watertight.
- You are not using a commercial container with a barcode (UPC).

Tips for cleaning your reusable containers

Using warm soapy water:

Nothing beats warm water and a few drops of dish soap to clean your container. Make sure to scrub the corners!

Using vinegar:

Vinegar is a natural and effective cleaner! Once your container has been washed in soapy water and rinsed well, fill it with 20% vinegar and 80% water and let soak overnight. Empty and rinse well the next morning.

In the dishwasher:

If your container is dishwasher safe, cleaning is a snap! A symbol on your container will indicate whether or not it can go in the dishwasher. If not, visit the manufacturer’s website for information.

These cleaning tips are guidelines only and provided without legal liability. It is your responsibility to ensure that your containers are clean, sterilized and ready for use.

Let us take a load off!

You walk or bike to the store, leave with your hands free, and your purchases end up at home. It’s quick and easy!
Local eco-delivery—convenient, efficient and reliable.

Convenient and designed specifically for our Montreal customers, Rachelle Béry’s eco-delivery service fits perfectly with our desire to be part of our customers’ lives through our sustainable practices and services. And since we promote healthier, eco-friendly lifestyles, we use a hybrid car.

Find out more at your local Rachelle Béry store.

Please note
Our Boucherville grocery store offers grocery delivery with a gasoline-powered vehicle. Grocery delivery is not available at our Quebec, Vaudreuil and Saint-Sauveur grocery stores.
You can have your order prepared free of charge at the Saint-Sauveur grocery store by emailing it to It will be brought to your vehicle once ready.

Protecting the future of our oceans

Ocean Wise is an ocean protection program that informs and educates consumers about the impacts of certain fishing and aquaculture practices. Rachelle Béry offers a multitude of seafood products that meet strict sustainability standards.

OCEAN WISE-recommended seafood options come from sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices that include:
- Effective and adaptive management
- Harvesting that ensures healthy and resilient stocks
- Limited negative impacts on habitats and other species

Purchasing products with the Ocean Wise logo guarantees that you are making an environmentally responsible and sustainable choice when it comes to protecting marine animals and their natural environments.
Cooking for the health and future of our oceans has never been easier!