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Cidres Fleuri

Cidres Fleuri

In 2017, Julien Niquet (the entrepreneur behind the Glutenberg and Oshlag breweries) teamed up with sommelier Justine Therrien to start their own vineyard, and they set out to find the perfect piece of land. They finally nabbed an idyllic spot atop Frelighsburg’s fabled Joy Hill, in the Eastern Townships. The estate was dotted with 5,000 apple trees, and the duo saw it as a great opportunity: they would continue to plant grapes for their vineyard, Maison agricole Joy Hill, producing cider from the apples until the vines were mature enough to produce grapes. And voilà, Fleuri was born! Read More...

Today, Fleuri is an urban cidery in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve that has forged strong connections with orchards in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac and the Eastern Townships. Fleuri takes the greatest care to capture the taste of Quebec in its cans, bottles and casks.

Samuel Chevalier Savaria joined Fleuri in 2022. Samuel trained in viticulture and oenology and has worked in vineyards abroad. He’s running this project, taking great care to ensure quality and respect the apple growers’ work.

Racking is minimal, the ciders are never filtered, and secondary fermentation is done in the shipping container with the natural apple sugars. The ciders are always completely dry, with no residual sugar. This bold range is available in cans all year and is complemented by limited releases in cans, bottles and casks for ephemeral experiments that explore local possibilities with keen curiosity. Read Less



Belov is a proud Quebec start-up! These two mumtrepreneurs are keen to raise nutritional standards for babies and ultimately ensure that future generations grow up healthy.

They currently have two product lines on the market: textured meals in 5 flavours, and textured, iron-enriched oat blends in 4 flavours. These first-of-their-kind products were created to meet parents’ needs, making meal times easier and guilt-free with quality, ready-to-eat meals. Read More...

Our main goal is putting a spotlight on how important a healthy, diverse diet is from the very first bite by providing healthy and nutritious food.

Nutrition is more than just pleasure! We are what we eat! Food is the foundation for a baby’s health and development (sleep health, creativity, brain/cognitive development, bone and muscle growth, immune system, dexterity). That’s why baby health is core to how we develop our products. Read Less

Les filles fattoush

Les Filles fattoush

This social enterprise was born out of a desire to share Syria’s culinary culture and provide job opportunities to newly arrived women. These opportunities support them in their quest for autonomy and emancipation as they integrate into and become active members of our society. Working as a collective creates bonds, boosts self-esteem and benefits the women, their families and the local community. Les Filles Fattoush strongly believes in food as a core ingredient to building social connections and openness to others. The kitchen brings people together, and everyone benefits. Read More...

This product range is a celebration of the Middle East’s thousand-year-old cuisine. Artisanal pita chips, baked with just the right amount of olive oil for the perfect crunch, are an invitation to discover the flavours and spices of the Middle East. They go great with your favourite dips and spreads and liven up salads with their crispiness. They’re the perfect snack for your lunchbox.

Plus, you can discover the key elements of the Syrian pantry, like pomegranate molasses, sumac, floral waters, Fattoush salad dressing, and shish tawook and shawarma spice blends to add a Middle Eastern touch to your everyday meals.

These products let you share the pleasure of coming together and a sense of community, one meal at a time. Les Filles Fattoush’s dream is that Syrian cuisine becomes part of every Quebec family’s weekday meals. “Tonight, we’re eating Fattoush salad!” Read Less

LOOP Mission : leader de l'économie circulaire

LOOP Mission: leader in the circular economy

The Rescue Mission

LOOP Mission is a local circular economy company that fights against food waste by rescuing the unloved from the food industry. In short, they save perfectly imperfect fruits and vegetables that have been rejected because they didn't have the right size, shape, or shelf life required for regular distribution. The members of the Rescue Squad transform them into delicious cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, probiotic sodas, smoothies, lemonades, sour beers, radlers, and iced teas. Read More...

About LOOP Mission:

Since its establishment in 2016, the mission-driven company has continued to grow and make an impact both locally and on the international stage. On May 25, 2021, LOOP Mission is thrilled to announce the acquisition of its very first facility in Boisbriand, QC, dedicated to the transformation, production, packaging, and distribution of products made from upcycled food sourced from the food industry. In the same year, the company represented Canada at the global startup competition Get in the Ring, reaching the grand finale and winning the first prize for the international audience choice. The entrepreneurial couple, Julie Poitras-Saulnier and David Côté, is also the first duo who previously appeared on the television show Dragon's Den to join the Dragons' panel for an episode.

Achievements of LOOP Mission:

16,306 tons of rescued fruits and vegetables

13,011 tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions

978,355,414 liters of water saved

1,567,926 slices of bread saved
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Gen V

Gen V

Gen V’s story is first and foremost one of family, a clan with a passion for modern agriculture and entrepreneurship. At the heart of this story are the Terraults, with Valérie Terrault now running the family business with her brother Simon and her cousin Francis. Generation V embodies a generation’s desire to grow vegetables with respect to people and the environment. It's a green movement that sees a future filled with life and more fresh, real food for everyone. Their greenhouse products are thriving, grown true to their values of promoting sustainable agriculture and respect for communities and the environment. Gen V is the vision of a new generation, serving up vitality in every crunchy vegetable and vibrant green.



Missiska Farm raises one of the best herds of Jersey cows in Quebec, certified for A2 beta-casein protein, with its anti-inflammatory properties meaning it is more digestible for humans! Producing cheeses, milks and yogurts of exceptional quality, the farm takes the utmost care in every stage of production, from herd genetics to cheese making and farming practices. Dairy products made with rich, nutritious Jersey cow milk are well tolerated by customers who do not consume any other cow dairy products. It’s a delicious and healthy alternative!



OOYA Infusions is the story of two university besties who shared a thirst for great things. Always on the look out for new projects, Charline and Mathilde have long been fans of energy drinks to help them cope with their hectic workloads. OOYA infusions was born of their desire to bring to market an alternative to artificial energy drinks, offering a healthy, responsible and natural way to consume caffeine—something unique and refreshing! OOYA is an organic energizing infusion that combines the benefits of natural drinks, the superpowers of guayusa and boost of traditional energy drinks. OOOOOOOYA!

Selv rituel

Selv Rituel

On her travels, former stylist and photographer Sarah Laroche learned how to live life a bit slower, allowing her to take better care of herself and others. As an ambassador of slow living, she wanted to create opportunities for a slower pace of life and well-being for her loved ones as well as share her passion for the bathing ritual. This is how Selv was born.

The brand offers a wide selection of high-quality bath, shower and body products primarily handmade in Montreal from carefully selected, eco-friendly ingredients. Selv offers time for yourself and your rituals—slow living, pure and simple.

Fun Oats Gruo

Fun Oats Gruo

Ever since she was little, Josiane Rochon has loved her oatmeal. Then one day, she wondered why not turn her passion from an expense into an income—and we couldn’t be happier!

In May 2016, she started the company Gruo, setting up a seasonal stand at Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. Today, the company offers a surprising range of flavours as well as reinvented classics, using 100% natural ingredients, no refined sugar, dehydrated fruit and, of course, organic oats from Quebec!

Ariane beaumont

Ariane Beaumont and Jérôme Couture co-owners of Arhoma Montreal

What we are passionate about is feeding people. To be part of people's lives, quite simply. Read More...

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I have always felt this desire to have my own business. Jerome being a baker, we decided to start our own bakery. At the beginning of Arhoma, 13 years ago, we were a very small team of 3-4 employees and the two of us (today we are 140). At the time, the bakery scene in Montreal was still quite conventional. We adjusted our recipes to include local ingredients. For us, it's important to do things differently, to not create products that taste like the others. It is part of our values to use local products, since we want the ingredients to come from next door. It's important for us to work with our neighbors. Like knowing who milks the goat for the cheese, who harvests the wheat, etc. There is a human element behind the product, and this philosophy has always been part of Arhoma's DNA.

There is also a pride in knowing that people put our product on their table when it comes time to gather, be with family or treat themselves. Honestly, there's no greater payoff than people saying thank you.

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La transformerie art

La Transformerie—the art of eliminating food waste

La Transformerie is an NPO dedicated to eliminating food waste through positive and effective solutions with various food network partners.

Guillaume Cantin, Managing Director and Co-Initiator
The organization is led by dynamic chef Guillaume Cantin, the popular winner of the Radio-Canada show Les Chefs!. His high-profile commitment to fighting food waste has helped breathe new life into the circular economy movement and inspired several local initiatives to get involved. Read More...

Small jars with big ambitions
In 2019, La Transformerie launched the Rescapés project to raise awareness among retailers and the general public—a delicious solution to food waste! The range of spreads, sauces and marmalades is made from fruit at peak ripeness collected from partner grocery stores in Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Montreal.
But these little jars have even greater ambitions! The Rescapés project also helps combat food insecurity, with each jar sold “saving” 12 kg of food, 67% of which is redistributed to food banks.

A taste is all it takes!
While these spreads and marmalades go best with breakfast and gourmet snacks, here are a few original ways you can enjoy them.

APPLE PIE SPREAD: With roast pork, cheddar cheese, in your muffin recipes or on a slice of raisin brioche.

PEAR & GINGER SPREAD: With goat cheese, roasted parsnips, granola or to garnish an almond croissant.

PINEAPPLE SUPREME SPREAD: With pork chops, shrimp, ham, a raisin brioche or plain yogurt.

CITRUS MARMALADE: With ricotta, duck terrine, in a dressing, baklava or cheesecake.

BBQ SAUCE: With ribs, to marinate tofu, in burgers and hot dogs, with roasted carrots or baked mushrooms.

APPLE & MADRAS CURRY SAUCE: With pork chops, mussels, raw veggies, in a salad with celeriac or shredded cabbage. Read Less

Aquaverti farms

AquaVerti Farms

Based in Montreal, AquaVerti Farms is a Quebec leader in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The two founders launched their business in 2017, and by 2021 it was full steam ahead. The size of their farm tripled in 2021 to offer local consumers a greater volume and variety of lettuce, kale and other salad mixes. All AquaVerti quality products are grown responsibly and locally, year-round. Read More...

What are the benefits of vertical farming?

Vertical farming—AquaVerti uses the hydroponic method—controls variables such as air, water and light. Crops are protected from inclement weather, lack of sunshine, and harmful insects. With cultured beds vertically stacked, less space is required for production and every square foot is optimized. Products are evenly cultivated, controlled without pesticides or GMOs, and require 94% less water than products grown through traditional agriculture. As a local farm operating year-round, AquaVerti also reduces production and transport emissions by more than 99%. Read Less

Aux vivres

Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres is synonymous with Montreal veganism. It was the first 100% vegan restaurant in Montreal. Its original location is still going on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, and a Westmount branch opened a few years ago. Aux Vivres Cuisine launched in 2015 to bring innovative and delicious dishes to the ready-to-eat market. Rachelle Béry carries the famous Dragon Bowl along with wraps, signature salad dressings, cookies, and marinated tempeh in a variety of flavours. Read More...

Tempeh: a flagship product

In 2014, Aux Vivres acquired organic tempeh producer Noble Bean. Tempeh is a staple item in the vegan dishes sold in grocery stores. This vegan protein is made with fermented soybeans. Offering more protein, fibre, and vitamins than firm tofu, it can be marinated and prepared with all kinds of flavours. It’s the perfect meat substitute, and cholesterol-free! Read Less

Ferme d’hiver

Ferme d’Hiver

Ferme d’Hiver innovates all year long! Combining the latest developments in smart agriculture with the expertise of market gardeners, Ferme d’Hiver uses a large-scale approach to produce local, pesticide-free strawberries in the dead of winter! Read More...

Unlike greenhouse strawberries, Ferme d’Hiver strawberries are grown through innovative methods in vertical farming. Strawberries are cultivated in an enclosed space, with light and climate controls instead of exterior light. Even in the coldest months, the farm produces summery Quebec strawberries, at a rate 13 times higher than that of a greenhouse. Read Less

The lamb affair

The Lamb Affair

Did you hear? A pair of friends who were passionate about food and innovation cooked up The Lamb Affair. They wanted to process ovine meat in their own unique way. With great attention to optimizing each of its products, The Lamb Affair makes this meat accessible to family cooks and gourmet chefs alike. Read More...

In addition to expertly butchered fresh lamb meat, The Lamb Affair also offers a wide range of ready-to-cook products, made with homemade spice blends and fresh herbs to pack each bite with spectacular flavour. Read Less

Bleu lavande

Bleu lavande

Bleu Lavande is, first and foremost, a beautiful love story between local artisans and a blue flower with exceptional virtues. And at the heart of this adventure lies Nathalie Nasseri, general manager and co-owner of Bleu Lavande.

With her dedicated team, this passionate entrepreneur has one mission: to help people discover the therapeutic benefits of lavender via a collection of unique products. All of the company’s products are free of parabens, petroleum, and artificial fragrances. Bleu Lavande creates natural products that respect the environment and animals. The quality standard? Their lavender essential oil is certified ISO 3515, seeing as it is made from 100% Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender fine).

Bleu lavande

La biscuitery

La Biscuitery

Enjoying cookies as a family is one of the fondest memories that Rudy and Yoanna share. Since co-founding La Biscuitery in 2015, they’ve been baking delicious treats - cookies and macaroons- in their confectionery shop using only the finest ingredients, ensuring that quality, a respect for tradition, and the love of a job well done comes through in every bite.

Authentic, homemade family recipes, passed down from one generation to thenext, crafted for the pure enjoyment of our taste buds!



Determined not to let her son’s allergies prevent him from tasting life to the fullest, Chantal Tremblay founded Croké in 2016, a culinary shop that specializes in allergen- and gluten-free food products that are also mostly vegan. Wanting to alleviate the fears of those living with allergies, as well as those of their families, Chantal offers a wide range of delicious, locally-made specialties from her kitchen in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures: prepared meals, cakes, baked goods and much more.

As she so eloquently puts it, “life is beautiful, you have to bite into it with vitality, freedom and light-heartedness!”. Well, it goes without saying that we love biting into her hypoallergenic Yule logs as well.

La belerie

La Bêlerie

Since 2016, Myriam Langlois and Jamie Schofield have helped Quebecers discover just how good lamb meat is, as well as some of the many ways it can be prepared.

Former city dwellers who left their respective careers to live out their dream of operating a family farm, they chose the Eastern Townships to build their breeding facility and develop their unique offering. Beyond different cuts of meat, they offer a wide range of products that are prepared on the premises: maple and fig lamb shanks, lamb stuffed turkey in crust, lamb shank stew—just to name a few. They all give a new spin to the holiday classics and are guaranteed to please.



Passionate about the benefits that nature provides, Manon Letarte—herbalist and cosmetologist—has been making body care products for a long time now. Her love of hemp oil and its beneficial effects on skin led her to launch CHANV in 2004. Since then, the St-Cyrille-de-Wendover workshop has produced a range of body care treatments that are THC-free and made from organic, Quebec hemp.

Under the careful watch of Dany Lefebvre and Marie-Ève Parenteau, the company transforms the hemp it cultivates into a wide variety of products, all of which make for perfect gifts and help give Christmas a local feel.

Gom mee


When their son was born with severe eczema, Sylvie Gauvreau and Christian Ethier decided to develop a line of treatment for reactive skin. Having both worked in the cosmetic industry, they combined their respective experience and pioneered innovative products that help treat kids with sensitive skin. GOM.MEE gets its name from the scent that won a popular vote amongst children: bubble gum.

Products developed by the Chambly-based company are of exceptionally high quality, and stand out due to their ultra-gentle formula, which is allergen-free and doesn’t contain toxic ingredients or irritants of any kind. For a Christmas spent in pure softness, go with GOM.MEE.

Robert fortin

Robert Fortin, Owner of Ferme De La Berceuse in Wickham

Robin Fortin’s improbable farming adventure began as an experiment, “just to see,” on one-and-a-quarter acres of land in 1998. Twenty-three years later, the almost-twenty flourishing acres of Ferme De La Berceuse—located in Wickham, Central Quebec, and certified organic since forever—are still going strong.


Pur Pop

Developed in Sherbrooke, Pur Pop frozen bars are the frosty brainchild of Marie-Ève Laprise. Read More...

Nostalgic about the popsicles of her childhood, Marie-Ève now offers people in Quebec refreshing and 100% natural treats, sweetened with maple sugar and flavoured with local fruit. The daily mission at Pur Pop is to be able to offer people a healthy option with ingredients that have undergone the least possible transformation when it comes time to indulge ourselves. Read Less

Gerald golay

Gérald Golay owner of SOS Fondue Val-David

At the very beginning, we operated like a pizzeria: we were called at 5 P.M. and we delivered to people's homes the same evening. Fondue is a good mood, it's comforting. Read More...

I arrived in Quebec with the idea of working in tourism. SOS Fondue started with a joke. I had invited some friends to dinner and they liked my fondue so much that they encouraged me to sell it. I thought it wouldn't work, because in Quebec people don't eat fondue like in Switzerland, but I realized that people love it. There were only canned fondues on the market, no authentic Swiss fondues. The cheese comes from Switzerland, but everything is bought here in the Laurentians. It is truly Swiss, but made here.

You have to understand that I was born with fondue. My aunt, who had a restaurant in the 70s in Switzerland, created a fondue recipe that I still make today. When she passed away, I wanted to keep the recipe in the family. It's funny because 30 years later, the recipe is made in Quebec and nowhere else. It remains my family's fondue and I am quite proud of it. Today, even though we are a small family business, I am proud to employ people from here.

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Luc tellier

Luc Tellier owner of Jardins Picoudi Saint-Robert

What moves me the most is to see all the things we do on a daily basis to create a product that people can enjoy at home. Read More...

It's also knowing that when we have dinner in the evening, other people are also eating our produce and having a great time. The story of the gardens began in 2007 with field vegetables and herbs only. While delivering to a restaurant, a chef told me about microgreens and I started testing them for him. One thing led to another and I expanded the production of micro pods to 10 varieties today. From the very beginning, our mission has been to produce quality sprouts that will make people happy when they eat them. We believe in the importance of having fun every day. We are a family business, which coincides with our values of proximity to our customers. My son is an avid micrograin fan. He loves coming with me to the farm to water them on weekends. A sprout is a twig that may seem harmless at first, but when you put it in your mouth, it turns into an explosion of flavours. And that's not counting the many health benefits!

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Damien girard

Damien Girard co-founder of Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix Baie-Saint-Paul

What brings me the greatest joy is to go to my farms, to cultivate cereals and to work the land. It is from this passion that the company was born. Read More...

I've always farmed. And I just decided to make it a little bit more like my dad did. Yes, we have today's technology, but I still follow old-fashioned models that preserve the land. That, for me, is a great pride. To respect my environment and to be able to say to myself that tomorrow morning, my children will be able to drink from the same stream that I drank from on my land. I want to offer consumers a local product that is as healthy as possible in terms of meat, but also in terms of the environment. My dream is to continue to introduce Quebecers to the world of organic food and to push it even further.

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Marie michele

Marie-michèle lemoine vice president of marketing for patience fruit & co. Villeroy

Nature has its own rhythm and in order to harvest the best that nature has to offer, we must respect it and be patient. Read More...

The company was born out of the atmosphere in Notre-Dame-de-Lourde. We offer consumers a slower pace of life, just like our special drying process that allows us to keep the maximum properties of the cranberry. Since we do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers to accelerate the growth of the fruit, we can say that we live at the rhythm of the cranberry. This process ensures an unequalled taste to our dried fruits. In fact, our consumers often comment on the taste, but also the size and quality of our cranberries. We can therefore say that it was worthwhile to convert our fields to organic culture in 1995, even if it took three years to see our first harvests. We take the time to grow, harvest and enjoy our snacks.

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Katell burot and philippe dhaucourt

Katell Burot and Philippe D'Haucourt co-owners and founders of Carrément Tarte Montréal

Being of breton origin, pie dough is sacred in our family. Read More...

My sister makes her pastry, my mother makes her pastry and my grandmother makes her pastry. Our pies represent an interesting mix of cultures between Brittany and Quebec. It was while working for several years in the restaurant business that I saw the lack of products like ours. We wanted to create a high quality artisanal product in large volumes. We became manufacturers when we saw that there were few consistent offerings with the quality of a bakery in grocery stores. With our original pie designs and our noble ingredients, we make beautiful and good things. That's why our ingredient list is so simple. We are also very proud to source as much of our products and raw materials as possible from the region.

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Michael Cantin president and founder of SNÖ Trois-Rivières

I love to make people's lives easier by offering a local, allergen-free frozen dessert that everyone can eat. Read More...

What gives me the most pleasure is to receive positive testimonials from consumers. I once received a message from a mother who sent us a picture of her child eating our product to thank us. Her son had never been able to eat ice cream because of his nut allergy and he was finally able to do so thanks to our products. I was very moved by this, because this is exactly why I decided to start SNÖ: to create small ice cream treats for everyone.

Replicating the texture of ice cream is a challenge, but I love finding new ways to do it. For example, every SNÖ sandwich has a mousse made from chickpea cooking water. If you whip it up enough, it becomes the perfect vegan topping with its rich, creamy texture. It's a lot of work to bring an allergen-free vegan frozen dessert to market that actually tastes good. And there's nothing better than knowing that people are cheering us on.

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Meriane labrie

Mériane Labrie founder of Madame Labriski Quebec

My dream is to help the quebec food industry evolve and contribute to the local economy for a long time to come. Read More...

In creating Madame Labriski, I wanted to offer people like me a different choice from the tasteless healthy products that were once on the market. With the date puree, I bring a healthy solution that tastes good... and that supports. Often, as women, we have a strong tendency to deprive ourselves in terms of our diet. But, in my opinion, we should not deprive ourselves. You have to enjoy yourself and when you know what you are putting in your food, there is no problem. My goal is to continue the war on empty calories. We need moments of pleasure and I am very proud to be able to share this pleasure with Quebec.

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Jean philippe

Jean-Philippe Cyr founder of La Cuisine de Jean-Philippe Boisbriand

My mandate is to democratize vegan cuisine in quebec. We often have the false impression that it is bland or tasteless, when in fact it is quite the opposite. Read More...

With my experience as a cook, I give some love to plant proteins to highlight them through recipes that speak to people. A shepherd's pie, everyone knows what it is. Moreover, everything is made in Blainville with local food, and that's a great source of pride. Another great pride of mine is when I receive messages from people who cook my recipes from time to time and reduce their meat consumption. When someone tells me that they have eaten my products, I know that it means that they have not eaten meat. This is a very good step for the environment. In 2021, it's time to put plant-based proteins on the map!

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Francois cardinal

François Cardinal founder of Vegeat Longueuil

Buying local is good for the whole community. We can be proud in quebec to have such good local products! Read More...

We're one of the only ones offering plant-based protein foods with such good nutritional quality, as well as being prepared here. Three years ago, people didn't even understand what we were doing. I started when the plant-based stuff was just starting to show up in the market. I will always remember the first time I was in the grocery store and saw someone pick up one of my products and put it in their basket. I was so happy. All of a sudden, everything was coming together.

Our idea was to incorporate a new material to cook with. The idea was never to tell everyone to stop eating meat, but rather to bring people to a certain awareness.

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Jardins d'Ambroise

In 2015, at Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare in the heart of the Lanaudière region, Julie and her spouse Sébastien founded the Jardins d’Ambroise. Offering fresh, healthy and organic vegetables is their mission.

In their organic vegetable farm, they grow a wide variety of vegetables including lettuce, squash, garlic and tomatoes, without GMO or synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

In order to preserve biodiversity and to reduce the incidence of fungal diseases, Julie and Sébastien practice crop rotation, which means alternating crops in the same field, from year to year. Because providing high-quality vegetables is their priority.

Domaine Féodal

The affection that Lise and Guy have for each other is palpable. But their love for cheese is equally evident.

Offering a wide variety of cheese made 100% from milk from Quebec cows, Guy and Lise are passionate, creative and ambitious. That’s what gives the rich and delicate taste that we find in their cheese. Renowned in Quebec and other countries, cheese from Lise and Guy is truly their pride and joy.


Thank you to our local artisans for inspiring our exquisite new year's eve

In 2020, the ideal feast is made of local flavours! Rachelle Béry introduces you to 11 artisans who work tirelessly to offer us fresh and real food, summer and winter.