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100% grass-fed beef 8 acres

Enjoy high quality 100% grass-fed Canadian beef raised without antibiotics, added hormones or GMOs from 8 Acres. Find it exclusively at Rachelle Béry grocery stores today

  • Beef on pasture 12 months of the year consuming high quality forages;
  • Cattle that are free to roam on a large land base;
  • Low-stress handling of cattle to ensure their well-being;
  • A natural approach to high quality meat.

Beef from regenerative agriculture

This way of farming creates a healthy ecosystem that ensures sustainable production. The 8 Acres Farming Collective often moves their herds to give the soil a rest. The result? The cattle are still enjoying the fresh grass, while the plants are regenerating. And that's just one example. Their natural approach ensures the health of the soil and the well-being of the animals.