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2021-09-22 12:30:17
Food and cooking

Nutritional yeast: golden flakes of goodness

Without this magic powder, vegan dishes just wouldn’t be the same. This seasoning is a must in numerous recipes. Nutritional yeast has a surprisingly nutty fl...
2021-06-28 09:06:49

Marinades: the best way to add flavour

By BBQ Québec When it comes to cooking delicious meals on the BBQ, some people hesitate between using a dry and liquid marinade. To make the right decision, i...
2021-06-03 07:34:39
Food and cooking

Buying a week’s worth of groceries the smart way

By Annie Ferland, Nutritionist, PharmD Over the past few weeks, our buying and day-to-day habits have been turned upside down by the lockdown. Since we have...
2021-06-03 07:31:42
Food and cooking

How to sanitize your groceries when you get back from the store

Should I scrub everything clean when I get home or leave it all outside? Which is the most effective cleaning method? On which surface can the virus that causes...
2021-06-03 07:28:57
Food and cooking

Tips and tricks for egg-free cooking

Whether you are allergic, vegan or simply love trying new things, it is easy to cook without eggs. Here are some egg-replacer suggestions that will work in most...
2021-06-03 07:19:12
Food and cooking

Cooking with kids

I grew up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home. Around our kitchen island, we created countless traditions, recipes and memories and shared m...
2021-06-03 07:18:05
Food and cooking

A thousand and one ways to prepare chickpeas

I had trouble getting used to legumes at first, since I found them starchy and mushy. If not for their nutritional and environmental benefits, I would have give...
2021-06-03 06:55:17
Food and cooking

A vegan cheese platter!

Well-prepared cheese boards are always a hit during the holiday season. You’ve probably seen pictures of these boards on social media, with all their mouth-wa...
2021-06-03 06:43:26
Food and cooking

Homemade ice cream

Children are always on the hunt for a sweet snack, and nothing beats ice cream! Of course, in our case, we opt for vegan options (there are plenty to choose fro...
2021-06-03 06:32:02
Food and cooking

Summer BBQ ideas that are heathy and not boring.

Barbecues are often associated with food that is high in salt and fat, and full of potentially toxic residue. Here are a few precautions to take as well as some...
2021-06-03 06:30:49
Food and cooking

Let's get outside!

After our long winter, spring is finally upon us! This makes us want to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Here are my best tricks for getting out and being...
2021-06-03 06:02:34
Food and cooking


By Audrey Sckoropad. Keep yourself warm throughout the cold winter months!