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Rachelle Béry and 3 fois par jour are teaming up to offer Quebecers’ their favourite brand of body and home products . . . directly in the grocery store! A natural collaboration, as both companies promote quality, local production, and eco-responsibility.

Quebec first!

The joy felt by Marilou, president and founder of 3 fois par jour, when it comes to this collaboration is palpable: “This is a new and very important step for us. I’m really happy!”

Although her business has grown tremendously since its inception, thanks to her online recipes, ready-to-eat, and non-food products, Marilou still relies on local production. “We prioritize local products to encourage people here and to minimize our ecological footprint,” she says.

A big, tight-knit company

For the businesswoman, the distribution of a range of body and home products at Rachelle Béry was the perfect opportunity to involve her parents in the process. “I needed a hand to prepare the orders, so my entourage answered the call. We had a lot of fun together! I like to say that my business has become a family affair,” shares Marilou, who associates each product with the people behind its conception. “I know everyone in the production chain, so as soon as I look at a product, I also see all the faces of the people involved.”

Products now available in-store

For the hands

A kitchen and bathroom staple, the hand soap by 3 fois par jour has earned many followers, including Marilou herself: “My kitchen must-have is the green apple and eucalyptus soap. It leaves a nice freshness on the hands after handling ingredients whose smell is strong and tenacious. Every time, it’s like starting afresh!”

For the bathroom and powder room, the white pear soap is the way to go: “For me, this fragrance promotes relaxation. However, I find myself often running out of hand soaps in my home; I tend to give them to my neighbours, friends, and family, because I know how happy they make everyone!”  

And since cooking often involves several hand washes, a hand cream is essential for rehydrating the skin!

For the body

Providing a rich and moisturizing foam suitable for sensitive skin, the foaming bath gel contains none of the potentially irritating ingredients often found in such products. Once again, the fragrances are divine! To complete your relaxation ritual, wrap yourself in the 3 fois par jour body milk, which leaves skin looking radiant, without a greasy or sticky finish.

Versatile, the body and bath oil can be added to the bath, for a relaxing experience, or even applied directly to the skin. Made with a blend of high-quality plant-based oils and a range of ingredients as sweet as they are beneficial, there’s no going wrong with this product!

For the home

Made from 100% natural soy wax from non-GMO soybeans, the 120 g scented candles burn for up to 25 hours. “I have some everywhere in my home. There’s nothing like the beauty of a flickering flame and a pleasant fragrance to set the mood at dinner or during a relaxing evening,” says Marilou. And no need to stand next to the candle to enjoy the captivating fragrances! “I wanted them to easily fill a large room with their fragrance, such as the kitchen, after cooking onions,” she gives as an example.

Diffusers are also very popular to enjoy all the benefits essential oils have to offer. “We offer AROM, a small diffuser made of recycled bamboo, and ESSOR, with greater capacity and autonomy, made of white ceramic. It’s a work of art in itself!” exclaims Marilou. To fill them, simply combine water and a mix of 3 fois par jours essential oils, which boast distinctive and relaxing fragrances.

For a more continuous diffusion of aromas, opt for the reed diffusers, “which smell for a very long time,” promises Marilou.

Finally, the linen water brings a spritz of freshness to sofas, cushions, throws, and clothes. A simple way to keep everything in your home smelling fresh and clean!