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By Audrey Sckoropad

It’s the holidays and you’ve been invited to many dinner parties…lucky you! But the question you may be asking yourself now is, what should I bring? Should I bring a host gift? Whether you’re wondering if you should or not, I’m here to tell you that it’s the kind of sign of appreciation that goes a long way. Not only does it show you’re grateful for the invitation, but also that you appreciate the break from dinner duties.

The most common host gifts include flowers or a bottle of wine. While these are good options, the host still has to trim the flowers, find a vase and put them in water. And we all know that hosting during the holiday period can be hectic, so we don’t want to add more to their plate.

With health being on everybody’s mind as of late, I find it very appropriate and thoughtful to offer a local product made with natural ingredients that has both our and our planet’s health in mind. Rachelle Béry has a huge range of amazing options in this regard.

I absolutely love taking a leisurely stroll through the store’s supplements and natural cosmetics section when out errand shopping. During this time of year, I tend to shop for my loved ones.

So, to help you decide on what type of gift to bring to your next dinner party, I’ve selected a few products. The idea is to put together one or a few products that highlight your host’s personality and style.

My tips and gift ideas for your hosts this holiday season

For the host that deserves some care and attention. This is the person that thinks of everyone’s needs in advance and excels in taking care of their guests. Now it’s their turn to be spoiled. Show your appreciation by putting together a basket of thoughtful pampering basics, encouraging them to unwind and relax after a long day of prepping and cooking. It’s time to focus on themselves for a change! Examples of products you could include in your care package: an all-natural soy-based candle, a bath bomb, a good book, a soothing hand cream (I love the one from local company Chanv), essential oils such as lavender (from Divine Essence) for its soothing properties and a diffuser.

For the host that prefers organic, natural and vegan products. They are naturals when it comes to throwing a party and share a passion for all things organic and healthy. This host is probably the type that loves to try new natural products and recipes. Surprise them with a chai or hot chocolate blend made with coconut milk, mushrooms such as chaga and reishi, and spices! I personally love Landish’s latte and chai blends. The ingredients are super healthy and their products are vegan.

For the chic host. Their evenings are incredibly well organized, with beautifully presented gourmet food and an amazing playlist making for a great atmosphere. I would offer something a bit more unique and luxurious for such a host, such as a nice box of chocolates, a traditional panettone (Stefano’s is available at Rachelle Béry) and an effective, high-end beauty product. This year I discovered and fell in love with Rachelle Béry’s Anne Marie Borlind line. The face creams, gels, masks and peels are made with such high quality and natural ingredients, my skin feels better and clearer! I’ve added the Effekt-Peeling to my loved ones’ gift list this year.

For the spontaneous host that decides to throw a party at the last minute. You can bring something to complement the dinner, such as a beautiful box of holiday cookies from La Biscuitery or a latte powder from local company Maygan. I know I appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness behind someone bringing something to help me with dinner. Especially dessert, you can never have too many options on a holiday table.

Now that the host gift is taken care of, all that’s left is to enjoy your special time together.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!