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Summer is in full swing and what better way to enjoy the gorgeous weather than a picnic in the park with friends? Naturally, when we think picnic, we think food, but there are a few accessories that can make the event even more memorable.

So here is a short list of things to take with you when you go on a picnic:

1- Tablecloth or blanket
Whether you’re picnicking on the grass or at a table, I personally think a tablecloth is a must. Not only does it make the experience more pleasant, it can make your meal look even classier.

2- Dishes and other accessories
Instead of using disposable plates and cutlery, opt for a greener solution: reusable, preferably unbreakable, plastic or bamboo tableware. They aren’t just useful for picnics, they’re also practical for outdoor meals at home.

As for glasses, I like to use Mason jars. You can fill them with your favourite drink and put them in the cooler before you set out. And the lids make it easier to prevent spills during the picnic.

A cutting board and a paring knife are always useful. For a two-in-one solution, the cutting board can also be used as a serving platter.

Another must-have is a bottle opener. I always keep one in my purse—you never know when it might come in handy!

3- Games for young and old alike
Games aren’t just for kids; they can be just as fun for adults, too. Not only do games get you moving, they can help you work up an appetite before the meal or aid your digestion afterwards. Consider a game of croquet, pétanque, ring toss or just throw around a ball or frisbee.

4- Don’t forget…
A bag for trash and another for dirty dishes, so you don’t mess up your cooler.
Paper towels to use as napkins or to wipe up spills.
A music player, if you have one, to get everyone into the swing of things.
A cooler and ice packs to keep your food and beverages cool.
Sunscreen to protect you from the sun and water to stay hydrated.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to picnic like a pro!