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Why not break from tradition this year? Swap the classic Mother’s Day brunch and flowers for a very special day in her honour. On the menu: original activities and gourmet surprises! Get inspired by our five suggestions for unforgettable, exciting moments.

1. Walk or bike ride and a picnic

May is the perfect month to enjoy the great outdoors. Why not take mom on a walk outside, followed by a gourmet picnic in one of your favourite childhood parks or a place that is meaningful to you both? To help you plan a menu your mom will love, draw inspiration from her favourite foods. You can also opt for seasonal ingredients to create delicious meals, like a radish and asparagus salad. Another fun idea: a French-style picnic featuring local products! Fill your basket with local cheeses, baguettes, deli meats, and veggies from Quebec, and get ready to enjoy a real feast!

2. Yoga and coffee break

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your mom to yoga! Use the occasion to do this activity, and reap its benefits, together. Once the yoga session is completed, stay on the course to wellbeing by hydrating with a cold tea, vitamin water, or kombucha drink. You can also serve your drink of choice with one of your favourite homemade healthy snacks: muffins, energy balls, zucchini bread, or granola bars. Now you’re reinvigorated and ready to take on the world!

3. Cooking with mama

Is the forecast calling for rain? No worries! Invite your mom to come make one of her favourite meals together. Imagine how much fun it can be to share happy memories while concocting yummy dishes! To ensure everything goes smoothly the day of, run your errands beforehand so you have time to set up: get the ingredients you need out, measure them, and start cutting them. With some nice music in the background and a glass of rosé or a cup of tea, this day of cooking is sure to make mom smile!

4. Home spa with local products

Another great idea for a rainy day? Pamper your mom with a home spa. Using quality products from Quebec, such as Chanv and Landish cosmetics, Aroma diffusers, or Luna candles, she’ll be in seventh heaven! Get the essentials to pamper her from head to toe, with a facial, mani/pedi, hair mask, and aromatherapy. Recreate the Zen spa atmosphere by lighting candles or diffusing essential oils, making sure to choose your mom’s favourite scents. Opt for 100% pure, natural oils that are not modified, like those by Divine Essence. Also create a special playlist for the event, with relaxing instrumentals evoking the sounds of nature for a complete sense of calm. Next, it’s time to get to business with a royal treatment including facials using natural, organic ingredients, such as those by Nordora. Get ready for the best pampering session yet!

5. Cheers to mom, with a flamboyant mocktail!

Close festivities in style with a toast to mom and a unique, floral mocktail: coconut and lavender lemonade. The secret to this divine beverage? An easy-to-make lavender syrup! You can even make a larger batch and store it in the fridge several weeks, for more delicious drinks in the near future. Serve this refreshing mocktail with a few tasty snacks (spiced, toasted chickpeas, nuts, edamame, crudités, and dip) for a festive cocktail party with the family. With all these amazing suggestions, mom will surely be spoiled this year!