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Celiac disease has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. An estimated one in 133 Canadians has it. This disease is characterized by intestinal inflammation caused by ingesting gluten and can cause a variety of other symptoms. Eating foods that contain gluten can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating. Celiac disease also reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

What is gluten?

Gluten is often associated with wheat. But did you know that gluten is a protein that can also be found in oats, rye, barley and triticale? Gluten is a key element in bakery products because it helps bread rise. This quality is what has made gluten so ubiquitous in food production. In fact, gluten is found not only in grain products, but also in soup stocks, sauces, breaded foods and beer, to name just a few. There is no cure for celiac disease. Currently, the only way to manage the disease is through a lifelong gluten-free diet. Since gluten is found in many processed foods, it’s easy to ingest it by accident. Reading food labels is therefore a necessity for anyone living with the disease. Wheat germ, wheat starch, malt, breadcrumbs, spelt and kamut are just a few examples of gluten-containing ingredients to look out for on food labels. To make life easier for people with celiac disease, more and more products now say “gluten-free” on the label. Rachelle-Béry Health and Wellness boutiques offer a wide variety of delicious, gluten-free products. They may be gluten-free, but that doesn’t mean flavour-free: they’re safe and tasty! You’ll find plenty of breads, cake mixes, crackers and delicious desserts. Check them out!

Rachelle Béry Nutritionist Team