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We are what we EAT absorb!

You may have already heard that gut health is directly tied to overall health. Some researchers even refer to the gut, or digestive tract, as our “ second brain .” Indeed, around 70 % of the body’s immune cells, which influence mood and hormone levels, are located in the gut. As such, our happiness depends on the the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

This profound connection between the gut and brain could explain why, for millennia, civilizations around the world have used beneficial bacteria to make fermented foods, creating healthy, light and highly digestible products, including yogurt (fermented milk) and miso (fermented soy). Fermented foods are a source of transformed nutrients that help maintain a healthy gut.

That is why it is important to know what your put into your body on a daily basis, whether food or multivitamins. Many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market are really just a blend of chemical isolates. These chemicals are produced when foods with complex nutritional profiles are processed into isolates such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is derived from corn. The result is a manufactured and completely synthetic, simplified vitamin or mineral compound. These isolates are then combined to produce a multivitamin product.

Products that are good for your body

New ChapterTM multivitamins are fermented with probiotics,* the healthy, beneficial and natural bacteria essential to life. We use a proven two-step method to deliver energizing nutrients and offer natural health products grown with organic yeast and probiotics.* Ingesting fermented nutrients that your body assimilates like food helps you get the most out of your multivitamins.

Besides undergoing a unique fermentation process, New Chapter multivitamins are specially formulated for each stage of life. Every WomanTM’s One Daily Multivitamins also provide a blend of medicinal plants, such as turmeric, red clover and elderberry, which all promote good health. Every ManTM’s One Daily 40+ Multivitamins are optimized for men in their forties and fifties. They contain saw palmetto extract, maca root and organic pumpkin seed oil.

Taken once a day, our multivitamins provide important health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system, enhancing energy and bone development, and maintaining cognitive function. New Chapter’s patented fermentation method delivers nutrients that are easy to digest and gentle on your stomach.

Find out which New Chapter multivitamins are right for you!

  • Every Woman’s One Daily
    helps maintain immune function and supports the development of bones and teeth.
  • Every Woman’s One Daily 40+
    helps metabolize carbohydrates, fat and protein.
  • Every Woman’s One Daily 55+
    helps produce energy and build strong bones.
  • Every Man’s™ One Daily
    acts as an antioxidant to maintain good health and helps produce and repair connective tissue.
  • Every Man’s™ One Daily 40+
    supports healthy glucose metabolism.
  • Every Man’s™ One Daily 55+
    helps maintain muscle function as well as cognitive and immune functions.

Experience New Chapter’s fermentation advantage today!

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* These products do not contain live probiotics.

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