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By: Maude Carmel

Intro: Have you heard of Viita underwear? They’re cute, minimalist, and ecological . . . and pee- and period-proof! There are various menstrual products on the market, many of which are harmful to the environment and to your health. Viita’s goal was to develop a product for menstruating women, and doing so with utmost respect for the body and the planet. And to that we say, mission accomplished!

Raquel Tulk was studying fashion at Lasalle college when the idea of creating absorbent underwear for women with urinary leak issues came to her. “I was talking with a family friend, who happens to be a gynecologist, and she mentioned that there were limited underwear options available for her patients. I made this my final school project, and everything else fell into place,” Tulk says. “Viita has been patented for 12 years now.”

Initially focusing on urinary leaks, Viita only created period-proof underwear, to keep menstruating women dry and help them limit waste, back in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. This high-performance option differs from disposable products like sanitary napkins and tampons, and it offers both comfort and style!

For those hesitant at the idea of spending a day in washable period underwear, Tulk insists that gradually is the way to go. “I highly recommend starting with one underwear and trying it at night or during a quiet day at home. For heavier flow days, you can use the underwear with a diva cup if you’re not comfortable relying solely on the underwear. The switch won’t happen overnight!” The founder adds that the underwear allows you to reconnect with your body, whereas tampons offer no indicators when it comes to volume and flow. “The period underwear can also help keep women comfortable and dry throughout their cycle, when they have non-menstrual leaks.”

Currently available at 10 Rachelle Béry locations, Viita underwear feature technology like no other. “For people to understand how it works, I like to compare them to sports underwear, where sweat is wicked away to keep you dry. Our underwear do the exact opposite. We want the portion that lies against the genitals to stay dry. The liquid gets trapped inside, disappearing within just a few seconds. You don’t get that moist sensation that disposable products have. And the final layer acts as a sort of umbrella.”

Note that Viita underwear are free of chemicals, especially PFAS! In other words, Viita is stylish, ecological, effective, and healthy!