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The secret to having a great winter is to be prepared! We can’t just pretend winter doesn’t exist. Days are shorter, we get less sunlight and stay indoors more, the air is drier and then flu season begins! Over the years, we discover tricks and try new products, but they are not always effective. That’s why, this month, I decided to reveal five tried-and-true winter essentials that I have tested out for myself. In my last blog, I explained why vitamin D is an important supplement to remember. North America is among the continents with the least amount of sun in winter and this has a huge impact on our energy level and mood. Be sure to take vitamin D so that you can be at your best 12 months a year, even when the sun sets at 4:30 p.m.! For dry skin, even when it is in just one area of the body, winter can seem like an enemy, and using moisturizer doesn’t always help. We end up buying a collection of lip balms, hand lotions, foot creams and face creams. Our purse or travel bag can get pretty loaded down! I recently discovered the all-purpose moisturizer Miracle Balm at Rachelle Béry. It’s like an all-in-one that is easy to carry around with you. I swear, it’s magic! My partner introduced me to echinacea products and honestly, it changed my life. I call echinacea the “flu buster.” As soon as I experience the first symptoms, like a tickle in my throat, chills and fatigue, I know what is coming and I am already worried about what’s coming. There is a way to stop the virus in its tracks, if you do it early, at the first signs of the flu and a sore throat. Echinacea products are available in capsules or spray! When the cold arrives, we all need a little home comfort and pampering. A hot bath with Epsom salts is the perfect way to relax and relieve aches. A fun way to make it part of your daily routine is with Effervescence therapeutic bath bombs. They will relax you, body and soul. They come in many different fragrances! My favourite is Sweet Melon! And last but not least, herbal teas are a wintertime essential. Perfect for after supper and before bedtime! Let’s face it, December marks the beginning of a marathon of dinner parties with friends and family. They can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable when you get home. Herbal teas can help with such issues and relax you for a restful night’s sleep.