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Your bags are packed, the itinerary has been finalized, and you’re ready for your long-awaited summer vacation! To make the journey pleasant from start to finish, don’t forget about your gourmet breaks. Whether you plan on driving, flying, or taking the train, here are our top ready-to-eat picks for all your summer adventures. On the menu: fresh, local, and healthy products!

Early-bird breakfasts

Planning on leaving at the crack of dawn? With all the last-minute things to take care of, your best bet is to opt for a grab-and-go breakfast you can eat once you’re already on the road. Prepare the perfect breakfast the night before. Think fresh fruit and pastries, like our famous Rachelle-Béry muffins, available in a variety of flavours. The morning of, all you’ll have left to do is brew your favourite fair trade tea or coffee and pour it into a large travel mug, for an early dose of energy!

Snacks galore

Anyone who has ever travelled with kids knows how crucial a large stash of snacks is! Whether it’s to curb their ferocious appetites or help pass the time, snacks are your number one road trip ally. The important thing is to have a variety of options that are both healthy and fun to eat. Need ideas? How about LOOP cookies, dried fruits from Patience&Co, crudités served with hummus or dip, as well as Zévia sugar-free beverages. You can also buy items in bulk and create your very own trail mix!

Healthy lunch ideas

After a few hours of driving down Quebec highways, a lunch break is often a welcome distraction. But let’s face it: the choice of roadside restaurants is often limited to fast food chains. For a quick and healthy meal, pack your own lunch and enjoy it at a rest stop, or in the car if the weather isn’t ideal. We have a wide selection of healthy meals featuring Quebec products, such as Crudessence rolls, Mandy’s salads, Rachelle-Béry sandwiches made with fumoirs Gosselin smoked salmon, and summer rolls stuffed with a delicious shrimp mixture. And don’t forget dessert—grab a decadent Mme Labriski cake and a basket of Quebec strawberries. Talk about a deliciously local summer lunch! At Rachelle-Béry, we offer a world of possibilities! We have something for everyone, no matter the occasion. Exclusive, local, and organic products, as well as tasty vegetarian dishes . . . all our ready-to-eat options are fresh and flavourful!