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Apple Cinnamon Sauce

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve used my imagination and visualization to create a state of mind, a moment in the present and in the future. My dreams have always been very clear, and I am able to remember them. These images, colours, characters… a parallel world that helps me understand what I experience in my waking life. Sometimes I receive messages that stay with me. While meditating on the subject to be addressed today, my intuition leads me to a visualization of love that was transmitted to me recently.

Visualization exercise

The purpose of this visualization exercise is to calm, and also reinvigorate the energies in the heart, or more precisely, in the heart chakra. This centre of abundance and truth. I invite you to choose a peaceful moment, when you know you will not be disturbed. Then, simply do as follows: Sit in a comfortable position, and relax your shoulders. Exhale, releasing any built-up tension. Inhale through your nose for a count of 5 seconds, and exhale through your nose for a count of 5. Repeat 3 times. Imagine that golden roots are reaching down through your torso, through your legs, down to your feet, and continue to burrow down to the sacred centre of the earth. Next, above your head, imagine a shower of golden-white light passing through a hexagonal channel. This light enters through the top of your head, and passes through your throat, stopping in your heart. Let this light fill you up, by inhaling it and allowing it to circulate with the exhale (3 times). This hexagonal shape of light creates thousands of other hexagons that touch and interlock each other in your heart, forming a beehive. This beehive is full of honey. It is a source of abundance, and its nectar is warm, smooth, and nourishing. The bees buzz with delight. Your heart, your beehive, is at the centre of a field of wildflowers where butterflies and other insects live in symbiosis with the environment. Each little empty crevice of the beehive slowly fills with honey, and you feel confident, since you know that the bee colony living in the beehive will do anything to protect their queen. Finally, allow this golden light to circulate freely in every cell of your body. Imagine that it is so pure that it knows where to go and what you need at this very moment. Allow yourself to bathe in this energy a few seconds longer. Your heart is like this beehive, and your life is the field. To preserve this richness that you have in your heart, you must learn to let in those who will help you create the honey. If you let everyone take your honey, you will not have any left, and it will become more difficult to feel this warmth, this essence of the being that you are. May your day be filled with abundance, and may your heart lead you to moments of happiness. Audrey Sckoropad