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Yes, you can already feel that back-to-school excitement in the air! Happy and energized after the summer holidays, kids are heading back to school, which has its share of adjustments, challenges and expectations. The start of a new school year puts a strain on their nervous system. Using herbal medicines to help children through this period will do wonders for their well-being…and that of the parents!

Start off by incorporating fortifying and nutritious herbs such as green oatstraw and nettle. They provide a host of minerals that are essential to the proper functioning of the body. Nettle strengthens and energizes the body as a whole and reduces fatigue. Oat, on the other hand, acts on the nervous system. It regulates and supports the nervous system in times of increased stress. Serve these teas every day (ideally hot or warm), for several weeks, so that your child can benefit fully from their energizing and restorative properties. If your child doesn’t like the taste of the teas, you can sneak the infusions into smoothies, soup, oatmeal, homemade popsicles… They’ll be blissfully unaware!

For children who become more nervous and agitated at the start of school year, catnip is the perfect choice. Catnip is a medicinal plant that is also excellent for children, it calms and soothes anxiety and irritability. It can greatly help children who are overwhelmed mentally, especially when this inhibits their ability to fall asleep and sleep well.

When the excitement of those first days back leads to tummy upsets, we can turn to herbs that support both digestion and the nervous system. Chamomile, for example, helps relieve stomach aches and other stress-related digestive problems. It gently stimulates digestion and soothes the nervous system

In some children, back-to-school jitters lead to sleep problems that affect their level of energy, receptiveness to learning and mood during the day. A good night’ sleep is vital for our young ones as their bodies and minds are developing! We can gently support their nervous systems with calming herbs such as oat, catnip and chamomile, and improve their sleep with valerian. These herbs help children fall asleep more easily and promote restorative sleep.

Back-to-school fatigue and stress make children more vulnerable to viruses in their environment. Echinacea is well-known for its microbial properties its ability to regulate the immune system, making it a very useful plant It supports and strengthens your child’s immune system, increasing their resistance to colds and the like.

So, for a smooth start to the school year, it’s a good idea to have these herbal medicines on hand! Add them (or sneak them) into your child’s daily fare so that they can truly enjoy their childhood and back-to-school!

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