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Nothing wreaks havoc on your skin like the cold winter months and harsh indoor heating, which dries out the ambient air. As such, it’s essential that you moisturize your skin in order to keep it nourished at all times. To protect yourself against unsightly chapping, redness, and flaking, here’s a body balm recipe you can make at home. Ger ready to transform your kitchen into a beauty lab!

Ingredients with 1,001 virtues

Before you start prepping your balm, check out the ingredients that go into making it:

Shea butter

Originally from West Africa, shea butter is an ingredient that is found in many body treatments, touted for its incredible moisturizing power. It is rich in fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D, and E (known for their antioxidant and protective properties), to name but a few of the benefits it offers. It revitalizes, softens, and soothes the skin (effective against redness and tightness), plus it speeds up your body’s regeneration process and slows down aging. This is why shea butter is considered the holy grail for pregnant women who want to prevent stretch marks.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a versatile ingredient that can be used in cooking . . . and in your beauty routine! Not only is it packed with vitamins E and A (which have renewing properties), but it also boasts essential fatty acids. You can use it from head (for shiny, healthy hair) to toe . . . and everywhere in-between (it’s great for nails and lips, too)!

Calendula macerated oil

The calendula (aka the marigold) is a flower known for producing an almost miraculous macerated oil. In fact, its oil contains essential fatty acids and boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, antioxidant, healing, and photoprotective (yes, you need to watch out for the sun even in winter!) properties. Pretty amazing, right?

Skincare with no unwanted ingredients

In addition to being less costly than most store-bought skincare products, this homemade balm contains no unwanted ingredients at risk of causing skin reactions or irritations. Say goodbye to parabens, fragrances, BHT (a preservative with potential hormone disruption properties), dyes, petroleum products, silicone, etc.!

Skincare with no unwanted ingredients

The recipe (so simple, you HAVE to try it)

You’ll instantly realize just how quick and easy this homemade body balm recipe really is . . . leaving you more time to meal prep and cook!

Prep time:

Makes: 120 ml


4 tbsp. shea butter

4 tbsp. coconut oil

4 tbsp. calendula macerated oil

In a double boiler, melt 4 tablespoons of shea butter. Add the same amount of coconut oil and calendula macerate. Mix well and pour everything into a sterilized glass jar, then place it in the refrigerator for a few hours, or until mixture becomes more consistent.

Pssst! If you like a particular essential oil, add a few drops to your balm and enjoy its soothing smell and benefits.

Store your body balm in a cool, dark place (avoid the bathroom), as the calendula macerated oil tends to oxidize over time.

Yes to hydration, no to bacteria

To prevent bacteria from forming in your balm, a few hygiene measures should be applied. First, make sure to sterilize all the utensils and containers that will come into contact with your ingredients. To do so, simply place them in boiling water for 10 minutes. Second, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before handling anything. That’s it—you’re ready to go!

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