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Today I’m writing with a cup of herbal tea, and I’ve put on my biggest most colourful sweater. It’s one of those brisk autumn days when nature reminds us to slow down and follow the rhythm of the season both at home and within ourselves. What could be better than a good book, warm socks, and a comforting herbal tea? I’m more of a green smoothie type myself (which I drank this morning), but this afternoon, I felt like drinking something warm, and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my three top herbal tea picks of the day:


Nettle is an adaptogen plant that’s good for everyone. It’s high in minerals, micro-nutrients, magnesium, chromium, cobalt, copper, tin, manganese, phosphorus and iron, making it very nutritious and invigorating, especially for the nervous system, which it helps keep healthy. Drinking nettle tea can have an anti-inflammatory effect as well. I enjoy mixing it with oatmeal for soothing comfort.

Raspberry leaf

I really discovered the benefits of raspberry leaf tea during my first pregnancy while in my third trimester. Raspberry leaf is known as the woman’s herb. It helps soothe painful periods, strengthen the uterus before and after birth, and reduce pre-menopause symptoms. This tea also helps you produce more milk during breastfeeding.

Red clover

I like to help my digestion by taking probiotics and enzymes as well as eating tons of fibre. I talk less about herb tonics and teas that help with digestion, but they are just as important. In addition to hydrating you, drinking red clover tea helps clean the blood, regulate the digestive system and clear skin problems. With a large concentration of minerals and micro-nutrients, this tea also promotes fertility. So there you have my three favourites these days. There are so many to choose from and my tea case is always full! What’s great about these types of herbal teas is that the whole family can enjoy them. Just add some almond milk or a dash of maple syrup to mellow out the taste of the plant and the kids will love it! People also ask me what to get a new mom…I like suggesting a box of raspberry leaf tea bags—the perfect gift for a mom who wants to savour comfort as she helps her body recover. Cheers! Audrey Sckoropad