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6–8 glasses a day!

Water plays a vital role in almost every body function.

To meet the body’s needs, experts recommend consuming 1 to 1.5 litres of liquid every day, the equivalent of 6 to 8 glasses of water. Our fluid intake can come from a variety of sources.


  • Water and other beverages
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Yogurt, soups, etc.


The effects of caffeine

When consumed in large quantities (e.g., more than 3 or 4 cups of coffee per day), caffeine can contribute to dehydration.

What about flavoured water?

  • Read the ingredients: some flavoured waters contain sugar, while others may contain artificial sweeteners. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • You can make your own flavoured water by adding a hint of fruit juice, citrus or some fresh mint. An economical and natural solution!<

Needs can vary

Various factors can increase our need for fluids: drink more if you are engaged in physical activity or on hot, humid days.

When hydration is a matter of course!

In addition to being essential to life, water promotes optimal health! But to fully benefit, you need to drink water on a regular basis, not just when you are thirsty, because by then, the body is already dehydrated. Here is some advice to make the importance of water crystal clear!

Delectable water!

To make sure you get enough, always keep a glass of water within reach and carry bottled water with you when you are on the go. To make drinking water more appealing, why not keep some in the fridge if you like it cold, or flavour it with something healthy so that it is more tempting?

Speaking of tempting, here are a few simple ideas that will encourage you to drink more water:

  • Mint water: add a few mint leaves to a jug of water and keep it in the fridge to give it a minty taste, then add a squeeze of lemon to make it truly thirst-quenching.
  • Lemon water: add a few pre-washed lemon wedges to a jug of water.
  • Refreshing cooler: combine half sparkling water with half 100% pure fruit juice, add a few drops of lemon juice and a handful of ice cubes!
  • Sports drink: mix one part 100% pure fruit juice with one part water to make a drink that will keep you hydrated throughout your exercise sessions of an hour or more.

Water incognito!

Of course, there are other ways to hydrate the body besides drinking plain water, juices or other beverages:

  • Soups and broths can contribute significantly to keeping the body hydrated.
  • Smoothies are another great option that is also nutritious.
  • And how about biting into a ripe fruit or vegetable, knowing that it contains about 80% water!
  • Finally, why not combine beneficial and delicious with this milkshake.

So many ways to quench your thirst… or to avoid it!