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By BBQ Québec When it comes to cooking delicious meals on the BBQ, some people hesitate between using a dry and liquid marinade. To make the right decision, it’s important to understand the difference between the two. The main difference is pretty obvious—it’s right there in the name: one is dry and the other is liquid. The second difference is that liquid marinades are often made with ingredients that burn on the BBQ, such as oil and/or fruit juice and/or alcohol. Take alcohol for example—certain liquid marinades are made with beer or wine, both of which have high quantities of residual sugars that can flare when exposed to BBQ flames. Because of this, it’s important to remove excess marinade from your food before placing it on the grill. Dry marinades are great because they add flavour both inside and out without flaming or charring. But careful: dry marinades are always made with spices, but not all spices can be used in dry marinades! So be mindful when preparing your dry rubs, as spices that are high in salt or sugar might end up cooking or extracting the juices from the food you’re working with. If you feel like enjoying a tasty meal without having to worry about seasoning it, then try one of the ready-to-grill dishes pre-seasoned with BBQ Québec dry rubs, available in Rachelle Béry stores. Choose from tuna, salmon, shrimp, halloumi, or chicken skewers, or opt for salmon filets, all marinated with BBQ Québec Explorer, Argentinian, or Kansas dry rubs. Each spice blend has been carefully created so as to marinate the meat or cheese for days, so every bite explodes with flavour! Plus, they’re so easy to make: simply place the container on the BBQ, or even better, cook the skewers or filets directly on the grill! If you wish to serve your meal with vegetables, use a bit of oil during cooking so that the dry rub adheres to the food better. And make sure to opt for oil that can withstand high temperatures without flaming or charring. Enjoying a delicious meal doesn’t need to be complicated; all you need is a dry or liquid marinade and a little time spent in front of the BBQ! Happy BBQ season!