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With the return of the warm weather, we all want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting our daily dose of vitamin D! To break from routine, nothing beats a picnic with the kids or with that special someone. So grab your cooler, your Mason jars, a colourful blanket, and off you go! We’ve put together a few ideas for planning the perfect picnic.


Mason jars are ideal for picnics. You can use them to prepare a variety of cold beverages the night before. Simply let chill in the fridge and place them in your cooler before heading out the door. For delicious homemade watermelon lemonade, simply blend some watermelon cubes, add freshly squeezed lemon juice, a drizzle of honey, and some water to taste. Refreshing to the max! Another tasty and thirst-quenching beverage is our chia, strawberry, hibiscus, and basil bubble tea. Or for a bit of fizz, try this orange and cranberry mocktail. Just top with sparkling water before serving and enjoy!


For most people, a picnic is synonymous with a sandwich! For a gourmet picnic, make sure to opt for delicious and original toppings. For example, try our beet falafel sandwich, or whip up a batch of tofu spread and slather that on your bread! Still need inspiration? Why not try our gluten-free veggie-pâté or our vegetarian lentil creton? Our muffuletta sandwich is perfect for sharing and is bound to turn any picnic into a gourmet treat! Also, consider using a variety of breads, such as sliced, baguette, tortilla, bagel, and naan.


A refreshing salad is a picnic must. Think a side salad made with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and fresh cucumbers, drizzled with a homemade dressing. Or if you feel like something other than lettuce, try this crunchy broccoli salad, which can easily be made ahead of time.
Another option would be to prepare a hearty main meal salad. Here are a few ideas the whole family will love: our quinoa and lentil salad, our colourful meal salad with creamy sesame dressing, our zucchini salad, and our fennel and smoked salmon pasta salad. And just like your beverages, Mason jars make the perfect salad containers. Not only will your salads be pretty to look at, they’ll also be super easy to pack!


There is a large variety of cheeses available, so you can easily adapt your selection to the type of picnic. For a family get-together, opt for a variety of diced cheddar, served with grapes. For a fancier picnic, a platter of fine Quebec cheeses will do; opt for different textures and serve with nuts and dried fruit. You can also add your favourite cheeses to your sandwiches and salads, like this delicious salad topped with feta cheese.


To accompany your meal, consider preparing something that young and old alike will enjoy. Why not take the opportunity to serve in-season veggies on a crudité platter, along with a special dip: Otherwise homemade popcorn or pita chips are always much appreciated.

And of course, dessert!

End your picnic on a high note with a sweet treat. Think chocolate candies, dates stuffed with homemade hazelnut spread, or even our avocado and chocolate pistachio pie! By the way, this no-bake pie is gluten free! If you’re just looking for a little snack, you can also try making our energy balls; we have three varieties to choose from: coco-choco, apple and goji berry pie, and apricot, pistachio, and sencha tea. For a refreshing option, make a fruit salad with local products, and sweeten it with a touch of maple syrup.

Safety first!

Heat, humidity, and the proteins in your picnic basket . . . now those are perfect conditions for bacteria to breed! Stay safe and keep your food—especially meat and mayonnaise-based dips and spreads—chilled. Feel free to refer to our blog for some key tips for a safe picnic.
For a picnic to be successful, you need food, of course, but several accessories can also be very useful. Check out our article to help you plan the perfect picnic.