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Admit it: for most of us, Valentine’s Day can mean impulsive, last-minute gifts. It’s time to turn a new leaf! This year, take the time to give your special someone a gift they truly need. To supplement your usual sweetness and attention, why not buy them natural local products that will care for them as tenderly as you do? Here are five suggestions for gift ideas to pamper your sweetheart, all featuring the miracle of hemp oil.

1. In cold weather, hand cream is an essential

Valentine’s Day is all about the warm feelings of love. But don’t forget that February 14 falls smack in the middle of winter. As we move between our homes, cars and workplaces, we’re constantly changing from a heated indoor environment to the freezing-cold outdoors. The result? As it struggles to adjust to the changes in climate, our skin gets tired and try. To help keep your special someone’s skin from cracking like ice in the spring, treat them to hand cream, foot cream, face cream or sensitive skin cream.

2. Bath and massage body oil: an invitation to relax

Wondering whether or not your Valentine could use a gift of bath and massage oil? Stop wondering. The answer is yes! In our frantic modern lives, relaxation is essential. Surviving missed buses, overtime hours and grouchy neighbours requires proper strategies. Taking time for yourself with a delicately scented bath or a massage in a tranquil setting isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity.

3. Face scrub: a special treatment for radiant skin

This year, treat your loved one to an exfoliator that will give them radiant skin during the cold weather season. A deeply cleansing hemp oil-based face scrub helps remove dead skin, leaving skin feeling soft and restored. It also feels incredibly soothing in the shower.

4. Lip balm: a must for winter sports

If you play winter sports, lip balm should be in your coat pocket at all times! The wind, the cold, the sun reflecting off the snow: it all combines to cause chapping when you hit the slopes or hike the trails. Even a simple walk around the neighborhood can lead to dry lips due to the drop in temperature between the cozy fireplace and the icy evening air. Natural lip balm is the perfect ally to keep your lips hydrated!

5. Muscle cream: a well-deserved reward

Whether your gift is for an active or armchair athlete, muscle cream is a great way to relieve tension. People who spend long hours sitting at a desk or standing behind a counter need just as much comfort on their sore muscles as those who train hard at the gym. Hemp oil muscle cream is a sure-fire solution. ⌂ Don’t miss out! Chanv gift packages are on sale for a limited time, so get one now for your Valentine… and why not one for yourself? Chanv