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Getting enough is easy

Our bodies need about 25 to 35 grams of dietary fibre daily.

SOLUBLE Legumes, barley, oat bran, high-pectin fruit (apples, oranges, currants, etc.)
INSOLUBLE Whole grain products, fruit and vegetables (mainly within the skin)

To meet your body’s needs, determine which foods contain dietary fibre. Take the time to read packaging labels and nutrition facts tables.

Source of fibre = 2 g of fibre per serving

Good source of fibre = 4 g of fibre per serving

Excellent source of fibre = 6 g of fibre per serving

A thousand and one virtues

Dietary fibre doesn’t just promote good intestinal health, it does a whole lot more!

Dietary fibre:

  • helps prevent heart disease
  • slows carbohydrate absorption
  • may help prevent certain types of cancer
  • prolongs the feeling of fullness, which can help promote
    weight loss

The two go hand in hand!

For optimal efficiency, a high-fibre diet should be combined with proper hydration. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.