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Whether cultivated or wild, roses are prized and loved around the world. As perfume and in bouquets, potpourri and cosmetics, its uses are many. What about some its health benefits? It has plenty of medicinal properties, so why not take advantage of them? Roses that are used for their medicinal properties are mainly older varieties such as : Wrinkled Rose (Rosa rugosa), Dog Rose (Rosa canina), Apothecary’s Rose (Rosa gallica) and Damask Rose (Rosa x damascena). So here are seven uses for roses you may not have heard of.

Herbal tea

Its analgesic properties help against sore throats and ulcers. You can even chew freshly picked petals (up to twenty) or infuse them to drink as tea or gargle as an oral rinse. Rose infusions have mild laxative properties and help restore intestinal and pulmonary mucous membranes. You can enjoy their sweetness by adding a few petals to a pitcher of water and allowing it to infuse in the sun for a few hours… the flavour is surprising!

Rose vinegar

Rose is particularly healing for the mucous membranes in the skin and digestive and respiratory systems. The astringent and soothing properties of rose petals help reduce inflammation and restore the tone and elasticity to the body’s tissues. Use either rose vinegar (apple cider vinegar infused with crushed rose petals used as an antiseptic) or a rose wound dressing (just add petals directly to the wound, secured with a bandage) to heal wounds, bruises, burns and skin irritations .

Essential oil

Damask Rose essential oil (very precious) has been prized for its aphrodisiac and euphoric properties for five thousand years. Add a few drops to your bath or dab it on like a perfume… its seductive fragrance will enchant those around you.

Rose oil

Rose oil (crushed dried petals infused in plant-based oil) blends in well with skincare products such as creams, ointments, lotions, etc. It is suitable for all skin types. It’s amazing!

Audrey Sckoropad