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January heralds the new year, and with it comes change! The new year also means making resolutions… the strictest of which usually only tend to last until mid-February!

In fact, we are often tempted to make resolutions that are rather strict and unrealistic in the long term. So this year, I suggest you focus on making small, lasting changes. As food is known to have a significant impact on our health and the planet, I think it should be front and centre of our 2020 resolutions.

More colour

The more colourful the plate, the more varied it is. Variety brings us essential vitamins and minerals and a good dose of fibre. We should focus on seasonal, local and organic produce in a range of colours. Try to have three different colours on your plate at every meal!

More plant-based protein

The benefits of a vegetarian diet are well known. So why not add a vegetarian meal to your weekly menu to expand your repertoire? Have you tried textured vegetable protein? They are a great stand-in for ground meat, and are delicious in tacos, pies and chili… the possibilities are endless. Simply rehydrate with hot water before cooking, and drain excess water as needed.

Less food waste

According to the RECYC-QUÉBEC website, nearly a third of the food produced each year is thrown away, which is a lot! There are a few small changes that we can make to do our part. So base your shopping list on your menu plan and stick to it! Plan an empty-the-fridge dinner and with the leftovers, everyone can choose to eat a different meal. It’s like dining out! Those wilted vegetables can be turned into a quick and easy soup. Finally, don’t forget to use that overripe fruit to make smoothies.

These are just a few sensible and achievable resolution ideas that will do your health, wallet and the environment a world of good! So, what will your resolutions be?