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I grew up in a family where the kitchen was the heart of the home. Around our kitchen island, we created countless traditions, recipes and memories and shared many conversations. That’s how I got my passion for healthy food: as a young child, watching my mother cook with good, healthy ingredients and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I wanted to be just like her. Over time, I started preparing my own meals. My mother always welcomed us into the kitchen with open arms, and I think that’s why her five children all became such good cooks.

Today, I’m passing this passion on to my own children, all of whom are eager assistant cooks who love to watch and help out. I believe that my children enjoy a variety of foods and recipes because they see the ingredients that go into them and help prepare meals.

I’ve noticed that children often want to be involved in our activities and tasks; they learn from them and enjoy the responsibility. I think the kitchen is the perfect place for them, since the things they learn there will come in handy for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to share a few simple and realistic ways to get your kids involved in the kitchen, as well as a snack idea that your kids can prepare all by themselves (more or less!).

Here are a few jobs that children can help with around the kitchen:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables
  • Cutting up foods with a wooden knife (mushrooms, bananas, avocados, etc.)
  • Mixing ingredients with a spatula
  • Pushing buttons on the blender
  • Choosing smoothie ingredients
  • Using measuring cups to make cakes

“Ants on a log” snack


  • A large stalk of washed celery
  • A few tablespoons of your child’s favourite nut or sunflower butter
  • Raisins or goji berries
  1. Ask your child to cut the celery stalk into pieces
  2. Fill the hollow part of the celery stalk with nut butter
  3. Place raisins on the nut butter to resemble a row of ants marching on a log.

My kids love this snack, especially since my six-year-old daughter can make it all by herself. She’s so proud of it and now she wants to prepare it for her friends!