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A small step for Rachelle Béry, a big step for the environmentalist in us! In an effort to make the fruit and vegetable shopping experience more in line with our values, we have decided to remove plastic bags from our grocery stores for the purchase of fruits and vegetables. Say goodbye to plastic bags. No more!

You like to sort your products and you find the option of grouping them in a practical bag? Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase Rachelle Béry's reusable net bags.

They are made from a material made from recycled plastic bottles. The mesh is so tight that the bags can also be used for non-powdered bulk food items. Machine and dishwasher safe, they dry in minutes! How convenient is that? They are no match for the small plastic bags that have been around for years!

Some loose facts:

  • The rPET fabric used for our net bags has a carbon footprint that is 50% smaller than organic cotton and 75% smaller than polyester.
  • It also requires 86% less water and 70% less energy to produce than polyester.
  • The production of 1 kg of rPET recycles 60 water bottles, which would otherwise be thrown away.