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Healthy grocery stores

A health food store at the heart of neighbourhood life.

To call yourself a healthy grocery store, you have to be prepared to meet extremely rigorous selection criteria. And that's what we've always done at Rachelle Béry.

Each of our Rachelle grocery stores practices what we call "local-local". Local, because we give preference to Quebec producers and local products to reduce our ecological footprint and keep the local economy moving. Local, also, because we are present in the heart of your neighborhood to create a dynamic living environment that allows exchanges and fosters a community spirit.

It is important for us to always offer you local and seasonal products from our local artisans. Our meat and poultry products must come from farms that respect the life of the animals. You will not find in our products any preservatives or bleaching agents, nor any artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, emulsifiers or others. This is guaranteed. And it's intentional.

We also offer organically grown fruits, vegetables, grains and other products.

At Rachelle Béry, you'll find a full range of products and everything you need to ensure a healthy lifestyle. And that's exactly what our customers appreciate when they come to us.

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