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Matcha Sora tonic smoothie

very easy
Quantity 2 big or 4 small portions.


The warmth of the summer is already here and the change of season often brings on that lazy, hazy afternoon feeling. Here is an all-natural, super green smoothie bursting with goodness and full of antioxidants. It makes a kick-start breakfast or a refreshing afternoon pick me up to finish the day.


1 cup
of frozen mangos
1 cup
of frozen pineapples
ripe avocado
big handful of baby spinaches
1 tablespoon
of white grounded chia seeds
4 tablespoons
of coco vegan yogurt
1 ½ to 2 cups
of oat milk
2 teaspoons
of green tea powder Matcha Sora from Camellia Sinensis
½ cup
of fresh mint leaves.


Step 1
Pour 1 cup of oat milk in a blender, add the Matcha Sora and mix until all the powder is dissolved.
Step 2
Mix in the rest of the ingredients. *
Step 3
Add the rest of the oat milk little by little and mix until everything is creamy and smooth.
Step 4
Decorate to taste.


Take out the frozen fruits from the freezer a few minutes before blending, they will be easier to crush.