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A real bonus!

Magnesium helps regulate heartbeat, keep your muscles in perfect working order and even strengthen bones and teeth. It is found in a host of foods.

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes
  • Dark chocolate (70%)
  • Wholegrain products
  • Green-leafed vegetables (spinach, artichokes, etc.)

Hidden benefits!

Magnesium has a beneficial effect on muscle contractions, blood vessels and the nervous system, and may also play a part in relieving menstrual pain and migraines.
Goodbye, muscle cramps!
Ever had muscle cramps in your legs while you sleep? Magnesium-rich foods could help.

Winning strategies

  • Choose wholewheat bread and pasta.
  • Add spinach to your meatloaf and green salads.
  • Snack on roasted soybeans or dried pumpkin seeds.
  • Plan a legume-based meal at least once a week.


Here’s a fun quiz to help you learn more about magnesium.

Match the correct word with each statement below.

Germ Stress Deficiency
Age Whole Seeds
Heartbeat Nuts Hypertension
DNA Energy Magnesium
Chocolate PMS Cramps
Green Muscle Pulses
Bones Healthcare Mg
Sports Waters