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The holidays are here again!

Ah, those copious holiday meals! Without taking anything away from Aunt Gertrude's sublime apple pie, one must admit that, unfortunately, overabundance and delicious, though somewhat conflicting holiday food combinations can put a damper on the blissful happiness of a wonderfully full stomach.

A natural aid

Dr. Edward Howell, physician and enzyme research pioneer called enzymes the "spark of life." In fact, every moment of our existence depends on the constant activity of millions of enzymes.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are specialized proteins produced in the body, particularly in the digestive system. Without them, all chemical reactions that produce energy in the body and ensure all activities required for a balanced and healthy life would be compromised.

Even if our body produces digestive enzymes:

  • the processing that food undergoes from the time it’s harvested till it arrives on your plate reduces its enzymatic value.
  • consuming heavy meals exhausts the production of these enzymes.
  • stress and infections monopolize the body's enzymes to the detriment of digestive enzymes.
  • enzyme production diminishes with age.

Enzyme supplements can therefore be beneficial, especially if you experience digestive problems like gas, bloating, or burping. Enzyme capsules can improve digestion in the short term and, combined with good hygiene, can help the body to naturally produce the digestive enzymes it requires.

There are enzyme complexes for all food groups available on the market. Ideally taken with the meal, they provide relief for any type of digestive problem that can occur after eating. One capsule per meal is the usual recommended dosage. There are also enzyme capsules for certain types of nutrients (e.g. for digesting proteins).

The best-known companies offering enzyme product lines are Flora, Renew Life, and Natural Factors.

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