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Organic amaranth

Amaranth originates from Mexico and has always been highly resistant to drought. It consists of tiny, round seeds.

Nutritional value: Amaranth contains four times more calcium, twice as much iron and is higher in fibre than wheat. It has a slightly spiced taste.

Preparation: Bring two to three parts water to a boil, add one part amaranth and simmer over low heat for 20 to 25 minutes. To make it more digestible, roast seeds in a bit of oil.

Serving suggestions: Amaranth seeds do not stick or pop.

  • When roasted, they are a good addition to homemade muesli.
  • When cooked, they make a slightly spiced gruel.

Gluten Info: People with gluten intolerance can eat amaranth because it is gluten-free. When in doubt, always check with the manufacturer.