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The Holidays, A Time for Indulgence

The merry year-end festivities are upon us, so it’s good to know that it is possible to celebrate healthy and to give healthy gifts. Spoil yourself and indulge by going for quality over quantity.

First, make your holidays worry-free by stocking up your natural medicine cabinet:

  • for acidity: lactic acid capsules, natural antacid tablets;
  • for heartburn: basil or marjoram herbal tea, licorice capsules, marshmallow drops, etc.;
  • for digestion: various mixtures of digestive plants in drop or herbal-tea form (blessed thistle, dandelion, gentian, etc.), digestive enzyme capsules;
  • for peaceful, refreshing sleep: herbal teas, drops or capsules of soothing plants (skullcap, passion fruit, valerian, etc.).


Pleasure is meant to be shared! Make those close to you happy by giving natural health products and personalized gifts.

  1. For men and women alike: body care and cosmetic products, soaps, hand cream, lip balm, shaving kit, etc.
  2. For little ones: a gift basket of skin and bath products made with pure ingredients especially for young, delicate skin, multivitamins, healthy treats, etc.
  3. For anyone: an essential oil diffuser, a customized basket of health supplements, etc.
  4. For athletes: an assortment of creams to massage sore muscles, heating ointments, relaxing bath products, sunscreen, etc.
  5. For epicureans: a selection of chocolates and other organic, fair-trade or regional treats, premium-quality oils (the best olive, nut, etc. oils), selected spices, fine teas, etc.
  6. For travellers: a kit of charcoal capsules, thermostable lactic acids, digestive enzymes, etc.

We have an unlimited choice of gift ideas for you!