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Eat well to boost your immunity!

With the cold and flu season fast approaching, choosing the right foods and nutrients will help your body and immune system fight off those germs!

Probiotics: Regularly including foods rich in lactic acid bacteria in your diet, such as miso, kefir, tempeh, fermented yogurt and yogurt with added probiotics, helps keep your intestinal flora healthy.

Green tea: Cathechins, epicathecins and theaflavins are polyphenols found in tea. These powerful antioxidants are believed not only to prevent cancer, but to help keep the immune system healthy. Drinking tea may help reduce cold symptoms.

Garlic: Garlic has long been used for its antimicrobial properties. It is also thought to have antiviral potential from allicin, an antioxidant that is released when garlic is cut.

Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables contain a number of antioxidants as well as many vitamins and minerals. Eating 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is the best way to stay healthy.

The Rachelle-Béry team of dietitians

If, for any reason, you do not eat any of the foods recommended or are having trouble changing your habits, feel free to talk to a consultant at a Rachelle-Béry health boutique.

Give your colds a tough time!

This year especially, you want to be on the ball to deal with nasty cold, flu and other infectious germs. Natural remedies are effective in helping fight these germs, relieve cold and flu symptoms, and boost and stimulate your immune system.

Lactic acid bacteria – They fortify the natural intestinal barrier, where most of the immune system’s activity takes place. Use as a preventive measure, and particularly after taking antibiotics.

Medicinal plants – A number of these plants can be beneficial in fighting germs. The best include:

astragalus – Used in Traditional Chinese medicine to boost the immune system and as a shield to prevent respiratory conditions.

propolis – Traditionally used in herbal medicine to fight infections. It can make echinacea and Vitamin C more effective in decreasing the severity of respiratory infections.

garlic – Thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it is well-known to help fight colds and the flu.

elderberry – Used in a number of traditional medicines, particularly Indian medicine, for respiratory infections and excess mucus in the throat.