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Are your cosmetics full of ingredients . . . you shouldn’t be touching with your fingertips?! A growing number of studies have revealed the harmfulness of the chemicals used in beauty products. And the prestige of the major brands in no way protects consumers from exposure to these potentially dangerous ingredients.

Some of the main ingredients to avoid are:

Mineral oils: they block oxygenation of the skin, making it more fragile and contributing to its aging.
Healthy choices: shea butter, vegetable oils (argan, jojoba, etc.)

Parabens: overused, highly allergenic preservatives. They are thought to be linked to certain cancers.
Healthy choices: Vitamin E, essential oils, etc.

Surface-active agents (PEG, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.): foaming, emulsifying agents used in shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Highly irritating for mucus membranes and potentially carcinogenic.
Healthy choices: saponins, lecithin, vegetable glycerin, etc.

By opting for cosmetics with natural ingredients, you will benefit from an endless number of nutritional substances, such as vitamins, essential fatty acids, etc. These cosmetics also have a very high percentage of active ingredients, up to 30% (compared to around 1% in conventional products).

Using organic beauty products is not a fad, but rather shows you are concerned with good health, the environment and . . . results!