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A Headache-Free Back-to-School

For some people, back-to-school means the return of MIGRAINES. Contrary to popular belief, these headaches don’t just affect adults — they can also strike kids. Migraines can be triggered in any number of ways, but there are lots of treatment avenues worth exploring.

Some foods are known to set off migraines. Children especially will benefit from avoiding old cheeses, nuts, chocolate, citrus fruits, marinadesom , seafood and fried foods.

Hypoglycemia can also be a trigger. Taking meals at regular intervals and a snack before bedtime may help.

Other possible triggers include temperature variations, bright lights, powerful odors and strong feelings of excitement or apprehension like the kind sometimes associated with going back to school.

Many migraines can be put down to a magnesium deficiency. This mineral aids sleep and muscle relaxation, reducing stress and nervous fatigue. It is principally found in dry beans, dried fruits, almonds, spinach and whole grain cereals.

Butterbur and other plant-based supplements help take the edge off the pain, while reishi and milk thistle can boost sluggish livers.

Lastly, migraines may be partly attributed to serotonin variations in the brain. In these cases, St. John’s Wort, SAMe and 5-HTP supplements can help by supporting neurotransmitter production.
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