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Celebrate your originality

Christmas without turkey isn’t Christmas! But when you’ve been served four “traditional Christmas dinners” in fifteen days, you must admit it becomes a bit repetitive… perhaps even undigestible. Here are some ideas to help you put a creative spin on the holidays. Delighted guests guaranteed by Rachelle-Béry.

This year, why not try something out of the ordinary and surprise your guests with an organic holiday meal that celebrates your values? There are lots of options. What they share in common is their high quality befitting the occasion.

Gourmet formula

  • For a touch of luxury from appetizers to the main dish, seafood is a great choice and serving sustainably harvested products is the icing on the cake! Fresh gravlax from Saum-Mom, a Quebec company, will impress your invitees.
  • For a new twist on a classic, serve a three-meat tourtière, salmon pie, or chicken pie from Boutique des becs fins. It’s a wonderful way to combine tradition with organics.
  • Fine Quebec cheeses are a must! Rachelle-Béry offers a selection that will thrill the brunch crowd – popular with young families. Add some dry sausages from Viandes biologiques de Charlevoix to your appetizer tray or buffet.


Are you a fan of tradition? Then why not explore some traditions from countries where turkey is practically unknown!

  • Choose your favourite far-off land to inspire your menu. A Japanese dinner featuring an assortment of our delicious, 100% natural sushi made with sustainably harvested fish will hit the spot.
  • Rachelle-Béry has everything you need for preparing international dishes: tapas and fish soup (Spain), sausages and sauerkraut (Germany), pasta and panettone (Italy), tamales and churros (Mexico).
  • Decorate your home and table with the colours of the featured country. If Italy is being honoured, for example, then you’d use red, white, and green.
  • Instead of home grown Christmas songs and dances, change things up with some CDs from your theme country, compliments of iTunes.

So you see, original, holiday celebrations that are both gourmet and organic are easy – thanks to Rachelle!

To express your affection, there’s nothing better than Rachelle-Béry gift baskets! Choose from our wide selection or have personalized baskets prepared and wrapped in store, including our gourmet lines (olive oil, coffee, tea, herbal tea, chocolate) and personal care products (lotions, essential oils, makeup). The perfect choice for a hostess gift!