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Back to school and healthy eating

Summer is already drawing to a close! The time to go back to school, work and a daily routine is upon us. When you're on vacation, your diet is somewhat disrupted—you go to bed and get up later and you eat out more often. In short you let loose a bit, and that's perfectly normal! Now is the time to refresh your memory on what makes a balanced diet, because unfortunately, vacations can't last forever!

Tip 1: Maintain a steady mealtime schedule.

Maintaining a steady mealtime schedule starts with the simple act of eating three main meals each day. Skipping a meal, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, has never been and never will be a healthy habit. It increases the risk of binge eating in addition to impairing concentration. Ideally these three meals should be eaten at the same times every day.

Tip 2: Have meals that include all four food groups.

You should have vegetables and fruits, grain products, meat and alternatives and dairy products on your plate at every meal. This is what's known as a balanced diet. Not only will it help you feel full more quickly, you won't be starving two hours after eating and will be less tempted to buy something from a vending machine. The key element here is protein. Be sure to have some fish, legumes or tofu in every meal!

Tip 3: If you're hungry, eat!

Even with the most well-balanced dish, you can still have cravings between meals. Did you know that snacks provide nearly 30% of your total daily calorie intake? Eat up, but make sure your snacks are healthy and nourishing. The perfect snack is a combination of carbohydrates and protein. Try crackers and a piece of cheese, fruit and nuts or a homemade muffin and yogurt, for example.

It's as easy as that! Enjoy the fall season!

The Rachelle-Béry Team of Nutritionists