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Semi-precious stones and their positive effects on children

I feel like talking to you about semi-precious stones today. Since my twin sister Fay gave Sky a “magic box” (a simple cardboard box decorated with stickers and filled with semi-precious stones), my daughter loves to look at each and every one of the stones inside and takes great care in handling them. She often keeps one she seems to have carefully selected for the day in her pocket or within reach. The first time I showed her crystals and semi-precious stones, she took them and placed them quite naturally against her little body, as though her intuition had keyed her into the fact that they had a positive effect on her—a type of energy treatment. I found her action extremely cute, but what fascinates me the most is to watch a calm spread over her when she handles the stones or when they are in her environment.

With that in mind I’d like to introduce you to four stones you might want to give your child to look at and touch. They can also be an original way to help your child learn the different colours! Children of all ages are naturally fascinated by crystals. Their vibrant colour, beauty, shape, and energy make them intriguing. Polished stones with rounded corners are perfect as an introduction. Have your child explore the stones and choose one instinctually. This is a great way to have your child discover the raw beauty of nature, and the energies and processes involved in creating these stones with such mystical colours and shapes.


Amethyst is often a favourite among children because of its lovely purple colour. Personally, I’m always pulled towards this stone and would say it’s probably my favourite. It has a calming energy that makes it an ideal stone for children in stressful situations. Known as the stone of spirituality and contentment, it improves understanding, enhances intuition, calms the spirit, allows restful sleep, and reduces stress. This is the ideal crystal to place in a small pouch under your child’s pillow at night.

Clear Quartz 

This stone, known as a healing stone, is the most common. It’s an excellent choice for your child’s first stone. Each quartz has its unique energy signature; for example, clear quartz clarifies your thoughts and releases a healing energy in several situations. Quartz revitalizes body and mind by amplifying and transmitting energy. It also helps remove negativity.


Aventurine is a leadership stone. It lovingly protects the heart. It’s an excellent choice for shy children as it helps them take more initiative and become more actively involved.

Rose Quartz

Thanks to its positive vibrations, rose quartz acts as a healing crystal for children. It’s perfect for emotional children or children with aggressive tendencies. It helps reduce anxiety, fear, and compulsive behaviour and calms unstable emotional states. Here are a few ways to include this stone in your child’s daily routine: carried on the body (necklace, ring, wrist or ankle bracelet), in a pocket or on a shoelace, slid under the pillow or between the mattress and box spring, in bath water or around the bath, held during a moment of relaxation or meditation, or simply placed in your child’s room.

You can give your child a semi-precious stone for every milestone, for example, when he or she loses a tooth or achieves something difficult.


Audrey Sckoropad