Six very natural reasons to join!

  • Because you can pay for your purchases with AIR MILES Cash!
    Every 95 reward miles from your AIR MILES Cash balance is worth a $10 credit towards your purchases, up to a maximum of $750 per day.

  • Because you’ll smile at how fast the rewards add up!
    All purchases you make at your Rachelle-Béry health food store count. For every $20* in weekly cumulative purchases you make, you get 1 AIR MILES reward mile. In addition to exuding health, you’ll adopt the healthy pleasure of rewarding yourself!

  • Because it’s free!
    No member fees. No monthly fees. It’s free! All you have to do to sign up is ask your Rachelle-Béry clerk for your AIR MILES card. Ask, and you shall be rewarded!

  • Because you have selective tastes!
    As soon as you earn 30 AIR MILES reward miles, you’ll have access to rewards. By accumulating reward miles, you can treat yourself to tickets for family events, household appliances, CDs, DVDs, and, of course, trips! Visit and start dreaming.

  • Because it’s confidential and absolutely commitment free!
    The AIR MILES card is not a credit card and no personal information is disclosed. Do like the thousands of others who have already joined—and are very happy they did!

  • Because you can earn reward miles at any time!
    Once you have your card, keep it on hand every day so you can present it to other AIR MILES partners.