Flavour profiles

Become a beer connoisseur and tap into something new

What colour beer do you usually go for? Blonde, red, brown? What taste do you prefer—sweet, smooth, bitter, or acidic?

Rachelle-Béry has made it easy with flavour profiles created by renowned Québec beer expert Philippe Wouters.

Match colours with sensations

Beer tasting is also about experiencing different sensations. Colour may give you clues as to a beer’s flavour and aroma, but analyzing what you feel when you drink it helps you define its character.

Your color + Your sensation = Your flavor profile

Choose a color

May have light bready or grainy notes.

May have light to strong caramelly and toasty notes.

May have notes of chocolate, roasted grain, sugar, vor molasses.

May have roasted, coffee, or wheat notes.

May impart fruity notes.

Choose a sensation


Little to no bitterness.


Mild to medium bitterness.


More pronounced bitterness.


Light, refreshing acidity.


More striking acidity.


A balanced beer with no bitterness.


A syrupy sensation with no bitterness.


A piquant beer, usually from black or hot pepper.


Distinct smoky flavours.

Our handy flavour profiles make beer and food pairings a snap.

Amber beers with bitter overtones and blonde beers with acidic notes go well with salty and spicy dishes..

Full-bodied or sweet brown beers bring out the best in sweet dishes and stews.

Smoky brown and black beers are a perfect complement to grilled meats.