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Marinades you can’t find anywhere else

BBQ Québec created three exclusive dry rub blends for Rachelle Béry:

  • Argentina: adds a smoky, spicy flavour to favourite foods like beef tenderloin and pizza.
  • Explorateur: a perfectly balanced mix of spices for veggies, meat and fish.
  • Kansas: adds a sweet-and-salty flavour that BBQ fans simply love.

Choose from a wide variety of marinated skewers at the ready-to-cook counter: tuna, salmon, shrimp, halloumi.

What are dry rubs?

Dry rubs are made of spices, but not all spices are dry rubs. To make it easy for you, the experts at BBQ Québec have created perfectly balanced blends. Their dry rubs are best for cooking on the grill because they add flavour without burning. Want to know more? Learn all about this type of marinade and how to use it.

Enjoy skewers marinated for you! Drop by your Rachelle Béry store today.