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At the Organic Learners Club, eating organic is a breeze. With each visit to Rachelle Béry’s home, get little ones used to eating well while feeding their curiosity.

And the Club is free.

How it works

  1. During your next visit, sign your child up for free at checkout, and they’ll receive a personalized card.
  2. When your child, accompanied by a parent, presents his or her Organic Apprentice Club card to the cashier, he or she will receive a healthy snack to enjoy on the spot or at home each time.

Why encourage kids to eat organic

Because it’s good for your health and it makes life taste ! Organic foods are said to be nutritionally better in many ways, according to some studies.

This could reduce the presence of trace amounts of pesticides in their food. Organic foods contain far fewer contaminants than conventionally grown foods, which are often harmful to the health of toddlers.

Organic farming also produces less pollution. Pesticides and other contaminants, which are prohibited in organic agriculture, are not found in water, air and soil.

So, it is better to initiate toddlers as early as possible !

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