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2021-07-23 02:02:59

Innovative ideas for a creative picnic!

With the return of the warm weather, we all want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up the sun and getting our daily dose of vitamin D! To brea...
2021-06-03 07:16:58

Resolution: starting off on the right foot!

January heralds the new year, and with it comes change! The new year also means making resolutions… the strictest of which usually only tend to last until mid...
2021-06-03 07:11:53

Gandalf Spirulina™ - An explosion of nutrients!

What do you get when you combine one of the planet’s oldest living organisms, the power of the sun and an unmatched dedication to purity? Gandalf Spirulina™...
2021-06-03 06:54:18

4 tips to make the best of winter!

By Audrey Sckoropad. Keep yourself warm throughout the cold winter months!
2021-06-03 06:39:52

Seven Ways Roses Can Enhance Your Health

Whether cultivated or wild, roses are prized and loved around the world. As perfume and in bouquets, potpourri and cosmetics, its uses are many. What about some...
2021-06-03 06:20:56

The five winter essentials

The secret to having a great winter is to be prepared! We can’t just pretend winter doesn’t exist. Days are shorter, we get less sunlight and stay indoors m...
2021-06-03 06:01:27

3 Tips to boost your energy this fall

The sun is setting earlier, the weather is getting colder, you’re feeling tired and struggle to get up the morning, and, if that weren’t enough, your grandm...
2021-06-03 02:28:36
Food allergies

Diet and Celiac Disease

Celiac disease has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. An estimated one in 133 Canadians has it. This disease is characterized by intestinal inflammation...
2021-05-25 03:42:42
In the spotlight

A year of eco-friendly choices with Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is an ocean protection program that informs and educates consumers about the issues surrounding certain fisheries and aquacultures. For a year now, y...
2021-04-06 07:22:16
In the spotlight

Gosselin smokehouse

Located in the charming village of Frelighsburg, in the Eastern Townships, the family business Fumoirs Gosselin has developed a unique recipe that is now renown...
2021-04-06 05:55:44
Weight control


Many people suffer from chronic joint problems. According to several studies, diet may help reduce and relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Here are some dietary...
2020-02-13 10:18:57
In the spotlight

Tips and tricks to get through the winter in good health

By Audrey Sckoropad We are in the middle of the cold season, which is also the season of colds and flu. It is therefore important to focus on our defenses an...