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What is the Organics For Kids Club?

At Rachelle-Béry, we want to encourage kids to develop good eating habits as early as possible. When they become members of the Organics For Kids Club, they will receive an organic or natural snack each time they visit Rachelle-Béry accompanied by a parent.

How does the Organics For Kids Club work?

1. Register your children free of charge to get a personalized membership card for each child.
2. When your child, accompanied by a parent, shows their Organics For Kids Club card to the cashier, they will receive a healthy snack to eat right away or take home.

Why eat organic foods?

Because it’s good for their health.

Organic foods are believed to provide more vitamins and minerals. Some studies have shown that organically grown foods are higher in vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

Because they’re quite simply delicious!

Have you ever compared an organic carrot to its non-organic counterpart? You’ll be surprised how flavourful organic foods are.

Because our planet will thank you!

Organic farming produces less pollution in the environment because the use of pesticides and other pollutants that contaminate the water, air and soil is prohibited in organic agriculture.

Because it helps reduce the presence of pesticides in foods and in their bodies.

Organic food contains considerably less pesticides and contaminants that can harm children’s health. Their small size and the fact that they are growing means that kids are more vulnerable to various contaminants found in conventionally grown foods.

Because they contain more antioxidants!

Besides being excellent for your health, antioxidants perform another important function: they protect plants against destructive insects. Some scientists believe that because organic crops are not grown using pesticides, they are in a manner of speaking “forced” to develop more antioxidants to protect themselves against insects. This is indeed a very encouraging hypothesis!

Because you’d like them to take a bite out of life!